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Re: Differences between Wellbutrin and Wellbutrin SR? terra miller

Posted by JohnX on March 6, 2001, at 1:31:53

In reply to Re: Differences between Wellbutrin and Wellbutrin SR? JohnX, posted by terra miller on March 2, 2001, at 20:58:19

> > > Can somebody tell me or provide a link where I can research the differences/effects/side-effects of Wellbutrin (the plain old thing, compared to the SR version)?
> > >
> > > I'm taking Well. SR now, but I seem to be metabolizing it faster than usual (pdoc's thoughts) and if 100mg twice a day doesn't work, he thinks 75mg might be the next option to try though it is not SR.
> > >
> > > Thing is, Well. SR doesn't feel SR to me. I feel it the whole time. I can tell when it kicks in, when it peaks and when it is declining below acceptable levels. It's a total bell-curve.
> > >
> > > I am stabilizing on the Well. SR and liking it, except for the hypothermia/sore hands and eye strain. (The eye strain side-effect is familiar from my time on serzone.)
> > >
> > > Thanks for the input, again.
> > >
> > > Terra
> >
> > Terra,
> >
> > I had the same eye-strain effect with Wellbutrin
> > SR.
> I am SO glad to not be alone! Sometimes you begin to think you're just nuts with the different side-effects. THANKS!
> > Many times the clearance of a drug can be influenced by interactions with other medications that you may be taking? Are you taking anything else? This occurs because the amount of enzymes in the liver that metabolize the drugs can change.
> Great question. I have ativan that I take as needed (1 mg) which lately is once a day. (That's the whole point for me to be on a longer acting med so that I don't have to be benzo-dependent; PTSD/anxiety stuff.) I have ambien for sleep induction (10mg, but sometimes I take 5mg but really I need 10mg). And I go through phases when I'm pumping the advil for headaches, but that hasn't been too bad the last couple of weeks. That's it. Fairly simple I think compared to some.
> >
> > I'm very curious as to what mechanism is used in
> > medications that are sustained released. I'll look into this and see if I can find out any more answers.
> That would be interesting to know.
> Thanks for your thoughtful replies.
> Terra


I'm so glad that the Wellbutrin is working for you. Sound like you just need a little time and possibly some tweaking to reach a comfortable "zone". I wouldn't get too overfocused on the side-effects unless they are excruciating. My experience on anti-depressants is that if I litterally can't stand the side effects after 1 week then I probably should dump it. But, if the side effects are just marginally annoying (i.e. not as bad as being depressed), then they usually wear off after a few weeks.

As far as the Ambien and ativan go, they definately will relieve anxiety and insomnia but I'm sure your doctor has advised you to minimize their use. I do believe that these medications may create some mild interference with the workings of the wellbutrin and could explain the
up/down response, but it is nothing to get too excited about. That's why I would try to use them
as little as possible.

Headaches are also sometimes a problem with wellbutrin. Again, I had them transiently with the insomnia and they went away over time. Sometimes you just have to duke out the side effects if they are not too excruciating.

There are a few natural things you can try that may help with the anxiety/insomnia/headache that
may not interfere with the wellbutrin as much and
are non habit forming, but check with your doctor
1st (anybody please feel free to spank me on these suggestions):

top recommendation:

1) Flax-Seed-Oil (safe and good for you)

Go to a really good health food store and
buy a cold-compressed bottle. Quality is
extremely important. I use the Spectrum brand.
Take 1 to 2 Tbsp/day
(just suck it down and plug your nose) +
take a small dose of Vitamin E.
*Don't* over do it. Start slow to see how
your body responds.

Flax Seed Oil is a really popular remody for
dry skin, anxiety, joint pain, and more. I
had really bad tendidnitis in my fingers and my
doctor had me take alleve. I found out that
flax seed oil was also a remedy for joint pain,
plus it helped relieve anxiety. The Omega-3 oil
in the supplement suppresses inflammitory
hormones and something called archidonic acid
which is usually the cause of headaches (its
what aspirin, etc target). It may take a few
days to a few weeks to notice. It also
increases brain levels of serotonin in a
somewhat natural way. People who eat good
diets with fish , nuts, and dark vegetables are
less likely to be omega-3 deficient. I eat
too much Wendy's and too little fish, so I
take a little flax-seed every day.

You may also want to take a 1 a day vitamin.
*Not* the mega-vitamin stuff, just the kind
with the rda. Too much of a good thing is bad.
A good diet is most important above all.

2) Valerian Root. This is listed on the
tips page as a natural non-addictive cure for
insomnia. Quality is important. Check with
your doctor 1st. I get a mixed response.

3) This one is controversial, maybe I shouldn't
even mention it. It's called 5-htp
(5 hydroxy tryptophan). The brain almost
immediately converts it to serotonin. It has
successfully been used to treat mild insomnia,
anxiety, and depression. I found that it kicks
in after 1-2 hours and for me it most
definately relieves anxiety. Ironically, it
makes me a little depressed if I take it for
too many days. DEFINATELY check with your doc
on this one. DEFINATELY don't combine with
any serotonin drug. Their is potential for a
serious side effect called serotonin
syndrome. High quality is extremely
important (Trimedica is a good brand).
I would probably avoid this suggestion due
to its potential controversy. You must consult
with your physician for a green light.





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