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Med Problems (So what else is new)

Posted by Shirley1 on March 1, 2001, at 14:58:25

Having LD and ADD, I got sidetracked and haven't visited this board for awhile. Also, having to register threw me off strides but here I am.

Like many of you on these boards, I am so tired of fighting med problems and would greatly appreciate your input. Here is my med history as best I can remember it. Diagnosis is ADD, Depression, and Anxiety.

1. Was on Serzone by itself for about 8 months. I remember it being moderately effective with minimal side effects but I continued to have breakthrough serious depressions even at higher doses. Interestingly, when I was put on Cylert, things seemed to get better. But I couldn't take Cylert at a higher dose

Next stop on the tour was effexor. Again, it did a pretty respectable job but thanks to the insomnia it caused, I was taking three meds at night to fall asleep. Didn't gain weight though. I'm not sure but I think I took it about a year and a half.

But I still had some breakthrough serious depressions so the next attempt was Zoloft and Adderall, with me cutting down to only remeron at night. This combination was a winner and lasted about a year and half.

However, Not only was I starting to get once a month agiatation after my period started but Zoloft was causing problems other times. Because I was gaining weight at an intense level. I decided to give Prozac a try.

At first, I had good luck with it and in many ways, it's been beneficial. But I keep having this edge that I have heard people describe with Celexa, that I think is similar to Prozac.

Even though Prozac is suppose to be effective for PMS, my food cravings last time were more intense than they had ever been while I was on Zoloft. Also, with Zoloft I could stay on the same dose through the month but I can't with Prozac and have a hard time figuring out when to cut the dosage. Then, when I do cut the dosage, I feel the effects that way.

My questions are this - 1. Should I stay with Prozac and ask my p-doc for the liquid kind so I have more flexibility with the dose? Or is my body saying it doesn't want any more SSRI's and it's time to look at something else?

Oh, one more thing about Prozac, I am getting the same blah feeling as I did while on Zoloft. I am not depressed but I don't feel like doing anything. Raising the adderall or ritalin dose (depending on which one I have been on) has caused problems in the past so that's not an option.

Anyway, I see my P-Doc on Monday so any suggestions or thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.


PS - The weight gain is getting worse on the Prozac. If I felt it was working better, I would put up with it.




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