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Re: Feeling Really Alone * But you're not. ShelliR

Posted by kazoo on February 21, 2001, at 19:52:09

In reply to Feeling Really Alone re Meds, posted by ShelliR on February 21, 2001, at 17:24:47

> Today I saw my pdoc and she gave me an ultimatum--if I continue to take codeine at all, she won't be my doctor.
> I am taking nardil and lamictal and she wanted to add zyprexa. I have already gained 15lbs from the lamictal and then how much more could I expect from the zeprexa?
> I haven't been able to tolerate any antipsychotic so far anyway.
> So, I feel very alone. She has been my pdoc for over ten years; she has stuck with me through my hospitalizations and is always available to me by phone.
> But truely, in both my mind and heart, I think I have tried enough medications and the codeine seems to work, and I seem not to increase it. And there are doctors on the internet that have given patients with refractory depression hydocodeine in small amounts like I'm taking.
> If I started to see an increase, I would detox immediately.
> I could take the vicidin by myself, but who would prescribe the nardil and lamictal? I have e-mailed several of the internet docs who feel okay about this, but they are on the other side of the country.
> How does one find a pdoc that prescribes codeine. I can get it myself, but I think it would be good to still have collaboration with a psychopharmacogist around that and all my meds. Do I ask over the phone, "How do you feel about....." 99 out of 100 are going to say "no way", so how do I find that one?
> I feel scared and fairly hopeless about getting the treatment I think is best for me. Shelli


It's understandable how a doctor, any doctor, would be hesitant about giving you the drug combination you say you need to help you. I do believe you when you say the codeine supplements the other medication; however, most doctors use conventional wisdom (as well as the PDR) and know that codeine (as a RULE) is for pain management. I feel badly for you, and for anyone else in this position, because what this leads to is "doctor shopping"; i.e., finding someone who will listen to you and is willing to continue your current drug protocol. And despite the fact that you use the codeine judiciously, doctor's will look at you with askance and label you as one habituated to drug. This is an awful position to be in, I know.

Since there is no reasoning with the current doctor, what you may have to do is to go to a regular M.D. and feign a back injury, or something, just to get a supply of codeine. I realize I'm going to catch hell for recommending this, but I say this because I've been in your shoes, and was forced to do the same. You know what's best for you, yet someone else tries to undo this. Such medicine!

If you do find an M.D. that will give you codeine, and you do decide to stay with your current psychiatrist, just don't share the information with either of them.

Good luck in all future endeavors.

(a sympathetic) kazoo




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