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Re: Kathy

Posted by AndrewB on February 6, 2001, at 2:27:56

In reply to Re: Why did you stop taking Ritalin, Kathy? PhoenixGirl, posted by Katz on February 5, 2001, at 16:25:46


I'm sorry that you've been sufferring so.

First of all, I'd like to say that you can get your life back. I'm going to give you a roadmap on how to get back on methylphenidate or another but before I do would like to say a couple of things.

One, I'm in no way an expert and have no medical training. I have however taught myself about mood and related disorders due to dysfuntion of the dopaminergic and glutaminergic system, an area largely ignored by mainstream US psychiatry unfortunately. I can offer suggestions for people who may have disorders of this nature but my best suggestion I believe is that if you have a mood disorder unresponsive to traditional ADs seek the best help out there. That usually means going to a person self-described as a psychopharmocologist.

Kathy do not do a trial with bromocriptine. It is not worth your time.

About your dizziness, the dopaminergic system has pathways that extend to the inner ear. Dopamine keeps the glutaminergic excitatation in check in the inner ear. Your dizziness due to amisulpride may be an indication of glutaminergic dysfunction (just as JohnLs tinnitus in response to so many meds may be). Dopaminergic and glutaminergic dysfunction can be very much intertwined. I can't say for sure without doing some research, but it seems that even at 25mg.s, the amisulpride is antagonizing the postsynaptic receptors rather than the desired target, the presynaptic dopamine autoreceptors.

Now a question, you tried a couple other stimulants like dexedrine, did you have any initial response to these meds that quickly faded away or were they inert upon your system from day one?

****Okay you can get methyphenidate for mood disorders or other amphetamines without too much trouble. The key is to locate the right doctor. This will require some phone calling on your part. Social phobia can make this daunting but you need to be brave because the alternative is to let let your life wind itself out amoungst the shadows.

Step 1: Write a note on this board telling people where you live and if anybody knows of a good doctor in your area who has prescribed them amphetamines.

Step 2: Call the psychiatric departments of large nearby hospitals and ask for names and contact information for psychopharmocologists. (GPs often refuse to prescribe amphetamines for mood disorders, the more knowledgeable professionals however tend to be much more willing.)

Step 3: Call the psychopharmocologists, you will usually get a receptionist or an answering machine, tell them you are prospective patient and (if the pdoc is taking patients) ask to arrange for a 5 minute phone conversation with the pdoc at a prearranged time.

Step 4: Write down what you want to say before hand if you think you will be nervous during this conversation. In the conversation, briefly describe your condition, mention your positive response to amphetamine, and ask if he would consider prescribing an amphetamine to you after he had a chance to review your case during a session with him.

You may eventually want or need to add an adjunct to your methyphenidate or try another yet another amphetamine. I will always be here to give more suggestions. But this is enough for you take take on at this time.

I'm rooting for you so please keep us informed on how it goes in locating the doctor that will meet your needs.

Best wishes,





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