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Re: Neuron,Ativan,Klonopin,Ami,Serzone,Adderall,Prozac SLS

Posted by dove on January 11, 2001, at 9:53:13

In reply to Re: Neuron,Ativan,Klonopin,Ami,Serzone,Adderall,Prozac dove, posted by SLS on December 13, 2000, at 19:44:51

>However, after rereading it several times, I came to the inescapable conclusion that I still had no clue. :-)

You're not the only one ;-)

> General anxiety disorder, major depression, and ADD? Maybe a hint of fibromyalgia? (I really hedged my bets here).

> I would be interested to know what your current diagnoses are so as to be able to give you some input, should I have any.

You want dx's huh? Here we go :-)

ADHD: presentation: at birth; cessation: not yet; symptoms present through 3+ familial generations.

Epilepsy: the likeliest category given to me was "Absence Seizure Disorder", with the other possibility being Temporal Lobe Seizure disorder?, as they didn't have any conclusive data to prove one way or another. Seizures/black-outs present in 3+ generations.

Migraines: This dx was followed by my doc saying that I never had "epilepsy", just terrible migraines. Migraine w/ aura present in 3+ generations on one side and 2 generations on the other.

Major Depressive Disorder (to include SAD also): off and on since age 7 or so; symptoms blatantly present in every generation since at least 1613 (first recorded suicide in the family, seemingly induced by severe melancholy).

Bipolar I (maybe II): sub-type mixed-mania ultra-rapid cycling, predominately depressive with manic episodes being very brief, angry, agitated, and barely reaching the hypomanic stage. Symptoms present in at least 4 generations.

Panic Disorder (to include Agoraphobia and GAD): presented in Kindergarten, didn't consider the symptoms as abnormal until a of couple years ago, as so many family members and relatives act/experience the same. I decided to seek help when I wasn't really living life anymore, just passively experiencing the abrasive procession of time. Again, symptoms present in 4+ generations.

PTSD: This has been an ongoing sort of problem, beginning in childhood (physical/emotional/ect... abuse), continuing through my teen years with bad decisions and lack of foresight or insight. Late-teens through adulthood have been speckled with car accidents (none in which I was the driver, and leading to wanting control of the car (i.e. I want to be the driver) and was later dxed with OCD due to this), traumatic deaths of family members, relatives (distant and close), close long-time friends, and witnessing close-up two grisly deaths' of a stranger.

OCD: on occasion a p-doc will consider this legit, one of my doc's was convinced that my car-travel phobia (i.e. I want to be the driver not the passenger problem) is a perfect example of my OCD in action. As is my difficulty with self-esteem and always combating that feeling of being a waste of air and space, worthlessness, also an example of OCD perfectionism obsessions because I'm always viewing myself as a failure.

I may be forgetting a few, but I think that is plenty for now :-)

I think the Klonopin is doing something, just like the Neurontin is doing something, and the Serzone, all kind of vague but definitely positive in nature. I quit the Ativan, will only take for an extreme situation, like going to the dentist, and the small amount of Prozac is really truly different from my last experience at 20mgs. Instead of flattening me, it gives me a little more bounce, a boost if you will. I'm experimenting with taking it every other day (half-month dosage) because of the material I've read in regard to utilizing it for PMDD (Severe PMS?) and the realization that the women taking it for only two weeks did significantly better than the ones taking it continuously.

Any thoughts, ideas? I can't afford to keep downing this money-hungry med-cocktail, my bank is already broke :-)

Thank You!





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