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Re: John L.

Posted by Shirley on October 28, 2000, at 8:33:20

In reply to Re: Andrew, Everyone, Apology, Disclaimer, posted by JohnL on October 28, 2000, at 6:47:18

John L,

In my opinion, you don't owe anybody an apology.
But maybe you want to be careful because we live in a society where everyone wants someone else to blame instead of taking personal responsibility for their own situation. I am not referring to anybody on this board but just in general.

However, it is because of your posts, that I knew to ask my psychiatrist to switch to Prozac from Zoloft. So far, so good.

Even before I knew who Dr. Jensen was, I thought it was ludicrous to stay on a drug for six weeks if I all I was getting were miserable side effects in the first few weeks and no benefits. Yes, maybe it would have gotten better but I wasn't willing to take use up all my sick leave to find out.

Just so you all know that I'm not an alternative medicine radical, I have always been the person who in response to alternative medical ideas usually said, where are the double bind studies? But occasionally, when I felt that traditional medicine wasn't helping me with my problems, I ventured from my main beliefs.

As a result, I cured my eating disorder by embracing an anti dieting philosophy called Overcoming Overeating. Bags of cookies in my apartment don't seem to scare me like they do with alot of people.

Regarding psychiatric drugs, I was getting very tired of my continous monthly agiation problems with my meds that always occured for a few days after the beginning of the wonderful female monthly cycle. My psychiatrist didn't have any answers other than bandaid approaches and I saw nothing on the internet. I was also extremely tired of the having to buy clothes once a month because of the weight gain from Zoloft that was showing no signs of stabalizing.

That's how I came to this board. To those of you who say that John didn't put in enough disclaimers, I would say that anybody who is inelligent and most people on this board are would realize immediately that John was not a medical professional. But because of my previous beliefs about the 6 week rule, I felt it made alot of sense.

If you disagree, that is your right but how is what John is doing any different than the post by St. James on this board advocating the carbohydrates diet which may not be be in someone's best medical interest. St. James, I don't mean to be picking on you as I think alot of your posts make alot of sense. But I am just pointing out how people aren't consistent in their viewpoints. I know I am not.

About Dr. Jensen - This definately doesn't proof that he is right but I find it interesting that he suggests that Zoloft is the best antidepressant drug at stopping suicide and my suicidal ideas permanently vanished when I was put on Zoloft and Adderall.

Also, my psychiatrist at my last session said that he realizes there are patients who respond very quickly to medication and it's not a placebo effect because the good effect is longer than three days. He went on to say that those people will do the best on the medication.

Of course, I am not implying that his statements are an endorsement of Dr. Jensen. But it does say to me that Dr. Jensen's philosophies aren't as far fetched as alot of people seem to think.

To those of you who say, check with your doctor, generally I would agree with you but you're also assuming that the medical professional is competent. I went through 7 psychiatrists during my serious depression before I found the one that I'm still with. I could take up your time for hours with horror stories.

What I am trying to say is alot of people are not as fortunate as I am and either don't have access to any psychiatrist or are stuck with HMOS that make them take drugs off a formularly list that definately are not appropriate. If were in that situation, I would want to read the type of posts that John has written.

In summary, John L, as a CYA, you might want to put a disclaimer at the beginning of your posts. But apologize, no way as it is because of your advice that things are looking up for me.






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