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Re: Andrew, Everyone, Apology, Disclaimer

Posted by JohnL on October 28, 2000, at 6:47:18

In reply to Re: JohnL, posted by AndrewB on October 28, 2000, at 2:33:58

You're right. You know, this same exact scenario happened a few months ago. First, I started introducing Jensen techniques. Then, someone from left field came in and attacked me. Then I got into a rebuttal type conversation, which ended up in a whirlpool of wrath directed at me. Same exact pattern here. I could have, and should have, recognized the attacker early on and politely bowed out.

One clarification though. In several medication labels I've looked at, and also in several abstracts, it is stated that benefits may be felt as soon as four days, but may take 2 to 3 weeks for the full effect. So whether we're talking about Jensen's ways or standard ways, two weeks really isn't unreasonable. For full efficacy, yeah it's unreasonable. For purposes of evaluating medication choice, I think two weeks is reasonable. I wouldn't mention it except that that is what some labels say.

I do not claim that efficacy is achievable in two weeks. Though I must admit, there is proof available that it does happen sometimes. What I will claim however, is that it is possible to determine in two weeks whether a medication is going to work or not. Even traditional psychiatry agrees there should be at least a 20% improvement of symptoms in two weeks. I just really don't think using two weeks as a decision making period is out of line. Even some antidepressant medication labels specify 4 days to 2 weeks. It goes without saying that improvement, or lack of, will continue if given longer than two weeks. And it's possible a drug that has no response in two weeks can go on to work completely given longer. That happens too. I just happen to feel a person's time is better invested in another medication that might work sooner. That's all. From my stance, I tend to think in terms of finding a superior medication, versus an inferior one. Both can work well in 8 weeks. But I prefer the one that shows a hint of promise in two weeks.

Disclaimer to all: My name is John. I'm a blue collar worker. I'm not a doctor. I've been treated by 4 psychiatrists and 2 GPs for treatment resistant depression over 10 years. I am now well. Standard psychiatry didn't work all that well for me. I heard of a Dr Jensen who basically allows patients to try medications they've never tried before, medications that might not have any clinical justification. That's because he has noticed his treatment resistant patients over the decades often get well that way. I sometimes speak from a traditional point of view. I sometimes speak from a Jensen point of view. I sometimes speak from a hybrid of the two combined. Each post, each thread, each question, and each person is different. But in no case should it be assumed I am a trained professional. I'm not. I have probably ingested and tried whatever drug you are on, or are considering. So when I speak about a drug, at least you know I have actually tried it myself.

My heartfelt apologies to all if I stepped out of bounds. That's the last thing I wanted to do. Please accept my apologies. Friends here offered me guidance when I needed it. Now that I'm feeling better, I do the same, but sometimes go a little overboard. I cherish everyone here, even more so than friends I see in person every day, and I deeply apologize.




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