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Re: SLS...more psychiatry vs jensen

Posted by SLS on October 26, 2000, at 17:23:33

In reply to Re: SLS...more psychiatry vs jensen SLS, posted by MichaelF on October 26, 2000, at 12:13:55

> Scott,
> I have been following this debate with interest as I myself have been under Jensen's care.
> I was first "introduced" to Jensen during a television interview. I was intrigued enough to order his book.
> I must admit that if I had seen his website, I probably would have written him off and not bothered with his book. I'm glad I did not see that site!
> I am enjoying this debate and I am sure others are as well. The only thing I would like to add at this point is you really should try to get a copy of his book. I believe it will make for some interesting reading and would serve to make this debate all the more intriguing!
> All the best,
> Michael

I would just like to extend to everyone my appreciation for the affirmation that matters such as the one being discussed here is a healthy and desirable exercise on Psycho-Babble.

I am embarrassed whenever I begin to discuss Dr. Martin Jensen's book because I have never read it. Unfortunately, I don't have the mental capacity to read such a volume. My only 2 exposures to Jensen's ideas at this point is the months and months of reading JohnL's posts, which have been detailed enough to convey most of Jensen's tenets and explanations, and the examples and explanations detailed by Dr. Jensen that can be found on his website.

I am just short of infuriated that someone talks about the way the brain works as if it were well established fact, when in *fact* almost none of what I have read about Jensen's promulgations has any basis in the current body of knowledge and understanding of the world's cumulative investigation into neuroscience. In other words, it doesn't matter to me how much detail I am missing by not reading his book. His suppositions are wrong to begin with.

Unless JohnL or anyone else is prepared to discuss and debate things like the details of how lithium affects the cascade of postsynaptic second-messenger events through adenylate-cyclase regulated protein-kinase, including c-FOS directed gene transcription, its measurement by assaying mRNA and the resulting changes in membrane-bound g-proteins, I don't feel any obligation to at this point justify why Jensen's simple "circuit" models are ludicrous.

I also don't need to read in its entirety the treatises of Ptolemy and understand his brilliant model of planetary epicycles to explain retrogade motion to know that his supposition that the Earth is the center of the solar system was off by 93 million miles - the distance to the sun.

The only thing that matters is if conducting 3-4 day trials of antidepressants yields successful long-term remission. This is an exciting idea and would be one of greatest breakthroughs in the treatment of affective disorders were it true.

JohnL, you don't have the respect for the expertise and brilliance of Dr. Jensen that you proclaim. You have exercised your right to make changes in his 3-4 day protocol. Don't you think that as a scientist, Dr. Jensen would base such a protocol on many different methods to verify his hypothesis? Don't you think that he has concluded 3-4 days are enough based upon years of clinical investigation and parsing of statistics? When you first introduced Dr. Jensen to us, you said that if a drug were a "good match", it would produce an improvement of some sort within 3-4 days. Such a response would warrant adding the drug to a list of potentially successful treatments. The object is to find the "best match". Many of us took exception to this and described the currently accepted notion that in most cases, at best, improvements take about two to begin to show themselves. Now, you have increased from 3-4 days to 1 week to 2 weeks. Either you agree with Jensen or you don't. Right now, you don't.

Now, I want to take advantage of what might be an unrelated coincidence and betray my unjustifiably inflated ego. I'm sure I'm wrong, but let me fantasize for a few days here. After a year of being available on the web, it all of a sudden goes offline two days after I wrote my letter, which was more than a one-sentence question by the way. It's probably nothing.

I still want to know the names of the three medical schools that are supposed to include Jensen in their curriculum. JohnL, is this information available in his book?

- Scott




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