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Re: SLS...more psychiatry vs jensen

Posted by JohnL on October 25, 2000, at 5:26:17

In reply to Re: Remeron + Wellbutrin - SLS, posted by JohnL on October 22, 2000, at 7:43:11

Dear Scott,
Hi again Scott. I was just thinking about this discussion. I had to chuckle. You're funny. You know why? You remind me exactly of me. I remember when I first browsed through the jensen website, I thought "What a quack", "What a ripoff", "This guy's taking advantage of mentally ill", "This guy's out to make a quick buck", "Who the hell does this mr know-it-all think he is that he thinks he has a better way", "If his methods are so cool, then how come no one else is doing it." So, I don't blame you for having a skeptical attitude. Believe me, I was even more skeptical than you! I was open minded though. I didn't really care much about the medical schools and stuff, I wanted to get the details of this method so I could tear them to pieces. I knew I would find lots of faults. I was going to rejoice in poking holes in this jensen method thing. It's just that I was, well, wrong. With my decade of conventional psychiatric study, I couldn't find any fault! Damn.

Can I ask you a personal question? Are you happy with your current treatment? If so, then the jensen method isn't for you. Are you happy but want to learn another angle to look at things? Then the jensen book is for you.

Have you ever spent $30 on something in your life and thought afterward that you had wasted your money? I have. I thought that would be the case if I bought the book, but I figured what the heck. I was wrong. Best $30 I ever spent. This from the most skeptical critic jensen could possibly have. Keep in mind, in all honesty I expected I would use the pages of the book to light fires in my woodstove after I finished reading it and critiquing it. I've read hundreds and hundreds of clinical studies at That was my universe. I didn't know there was a flip side to the coin. Now I do. (Same coin though--key point)

Are you not happy with your current treatment? If so, I see two options.
1. Conventional psychiatry...go with Effexor or TCAs, because they have a slight statistical edge for efficacy and speed of action. Add Lithium, strongly supported statistically. Basically, treat the symptoms in hopes that we luckily hit upon the cause, or at least mask it. For any other medicines, flip a coin. Write different medicine names on the back of cards, shuffle the deck, and choose one at random. The odds are no better and no worse with whatever guess you make.
2. Jensen...identify what the real underlying problem is. What brain system is malfunctioning? There is a way to do this. Identify it and narrow down the guesswork of choosing medications. Treat the cause, not the symptoms. The symptoms will automatically be abolished, not just masked or partially fixed.

So if you're happy, then I would submit just forget the whole discussion, unless you're curious and want to learn something new just for grins. If you're not happy, there are two different, yet similar, roads you could take to eventually get to the same destination. One just happens to be faster and more accurate than the other in most cases, if for no other reason, because it is organized and leaves no stone unturned. With one method, we work hard. With the other, we work smart. Both get to the same place.




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