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fallen angels

Posted by laural on October 19, 2000, at 18:03:36

In reply to Re: Something I want to share with you, posted by laural on October 19, 2000, at 9:38:49

> thank you for posting that--
> it struck me as i was reading this that a lot of people with mental illnesses who write creative expressions refer to being posessed by demons or the devil. and why the interest in blood? i'm not sure if you mentioned blood--but i sure did when i wrote pain poems--you know i think there is a hell on earth and that hell is psychological, even for "normal" people, dysfunction of any kind (dysfuction to the point of impairment or dissatisfaction) is hell.
> i don't know if i'm making any sense, its 9:30 am and i havn't slept yet
> but mental illness is just plain evil. of course you learn a lot about yourself--strengths, weaknesses, how you cope--so there is always a duality. i think that evil is often linked with knowledge--adam and eve story, pandora and her box, and interestingly often blames the woman as the catalyst--hmm

I know most of what i wrote sounds incoherant but i didn't know what i was getting at, after thinking some more and sleep (finally!) maybe i can make more sense:

From Carl Jung's perspective, creation myths around the world follow patterns or archetypes that perhaps symbolize ideas harder to put into words at the time. Or this is my interpretation. the idea that knowledge creates evil or pain and is brought about through carnation (ie when eve feels the pains of childbirth after she was expelled from innocence) or when eve (mother of evil?) was created from aesexual reproduction (adam's rib) and then when adam and eve reproduced sexually (ie knowledge--to "know" someone biblically means to have sex with someone) created cain--evil. This creation myth (please--no offense) i take to be a paribol of how the universe was created. before we were carnate, we were engergy, part of a huge collective unconcious, the libido. then ?somehow? eve came into being (maybe as a single celled organism maybe as photons--light particles that are at once EM waves) that gave rise to the evolution of sentient life or even just physical matter or both, maybe eve is a process maybe eve is evelution itself 1st energy to matter then aesexual to sexual reproduction (ie, the creation of DNA mixing, the possiblity for mutation the possibility of CHOICE good or evil? sentience! self awareness! I think therefore I am . . .ANYway, this is all well and good but how does it fit with reality?
Maybe as nonsentient energy (angels?) we needed to learn a lesson about knowledge, maybe we became carnate humans to learn how to deal with the pain of sickness, disease, pain. maybe we relive our lives until we learn that lesson or relive some kind of life--maybe evil and hell lies within ourselves and its our job to learn to live with or deal with or rise above it somehow, maybe when we finally do this we become some of the great people like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed and the prophets maybe we can spontaneously turn back into energy and "ascend" to heaven or have control over our own reality--we already do to some extent. I know that positive thoughts generate positive situations and responses and the opposite

I hope i don't sound like a quack but this has helped me through suicide many times as well as thinking about my impact on those around me--well, my mom laural




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