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Re: ghb (Xyrem) is still not FDA approved Ant-Rock

Posted by ash on October 19, 2000, at 10:39:34

In reply to Re: ghb and THE TRUTH, posted by Ant-Rock on October 13, 2000, at 18:42:11


A minor correction. I just checked with Orphan Medical. Xyrem(GHB) has NOT yet been approved by the FDA. All Orphan Medical has done is submit an application to the FDA for approval, which contains the results of clininical trials. Actual approval is at least 6 months away, probably closer to a year.


> GHB Uncovered :
> Almost all of what Doug's post said is right on the money.
> #1 GHB is not toxic, and is safely converted to carbon dioxide & water.
> #2 GHB taken alone is extremely hard to overdose on. Having an LD (lethal human dose) of 300 grams!, while the usual dose taken is 1/2-3 grams. It also does not cause amnesia, unlike the drug Rophynal, which it has been mistakenly confused with by the media.
> GHB has been around for over 30 years in Europe, with no known abuse or overdose problems, in fact it is sold over the counter in many countries.
> #3 GHB has been used successfully to treat depression, in some cases even resistant-dep., by several doctors. With few exceptions, researchers have also found ghb to be extraordinarily safe and highly effective for treating insomnia, alleviating anxiety/depression, and enhancing cervical dilation during childbirth.
> #4 Before the current clampdown, pharmaceutical companies had filed 15 investigational new drug (IND) reports with the FDA. These reports typically show that the drug is safe for clinical trials in humans. Basically a green light for pharm co's to begin large-scale trials.
> At an average approval cost of 250-350 millon$ per drug,(remember there were 15 separate IND's for 15 separate drugs=indications or uses.) pharm-co's have collectively bet many millions on GHB's safety and efficacy.
> #5 Some of these uses were as follows...Improving sleep patterns for narcolepsy/ Reducing Schizophrenic symptoms/ Stimulating natural growth hormone release/ lowering cholesterol/ controlling tardive dyskinesia sympt/ relieving symptoms in Huntingtons/ improving memory problems/ etc.
> #6 Why GHB was banned...
> To make a long story short, the FDA has resorted to an unprecedented extralegal strategy to suppress GHB. All though they have taken no action to classify GHB as a drug, they repeatedly tell the media that GHB is an "illegal drug". While the FDA works behind the scenes to approve GHB as an "orphan" drug, they simultaneously vilify it in the media as having "no legitamite uses".Instead, the FDA "encouraged" individual states,(which are not governed by the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) to pass their own laws against this "new,dangerous,designer,date-rape drug."
> #7 And finally,
> as you read this, the small pharmaceutical company "Orphan Medical" (stock symbol orph), has just recieved final approval to market GHB, trade name "Xyrem",for the treatment of Narcolepsy.
> Thats right,
> This demonized "drug?" , is about to make its shareholders very rich. This is why GHB was banned from store shelves, where once one could purchase a lab-grade inexpensive healthy tonic.
> My reason for this post is simple. It sickens and saddens me to see how the gov't force feeds the media whatever it wishes, and instead of checking the actual facts, selling papers and increasing ratings are all that seem to matter. If the truth gets left out, so be it.
> Anthony
> ps: Most of this info came from reading "GHB-The Natural Mood Enhancer" by Dr.Ward Dean.
> Even if if you could care less about ghb, this book gives insight to what the FDA is really all about.




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