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Re: to amisulpride users Sigolene

Posted by Michael K on October 6, 2000, at 21:09:49

In reply to Re: to amisulpride users AndrewB, posted by Sigolene on October 2, 2000, at 4:10:13

> Andrew,
> Regarding MAOI, i tried Moclobemide (aurorix). It was effective for depression but not for attention deficit. But the problem was i couldn't sleep, even with a small dose. And i think it's contraindicated to add an other sedative AD like Trazadone with an MAOI for sleep. What do you think ?


There is no problem using an MAOI with Trazadone added for sleep. I currently take 80 mg Parnate and 200 mg Trazodone before bed. In any event, good luck. I'll be watching this thread for new ideas.

> > Sigolene,
> >
> > Thank you for telling us how your amisulpride trial is going.
> >
> > It is a bit of a mystery what is going on here. Your history strongly suggests dopaminergic dysfunction. It is my belief that people can be mute (unresponsive) to amisulpride yet still have D2/D3 dopamine receptor dysfunction.
> >
> > The fact that you have had no response means to me that your dopamine system isn't being effected by the amisulpride, otherwise you would get some effect one way or another. So you still need to find a way to stimulate these D2/D3 receptors and see if you benefit from it.
> >
> > First step is to try amisulpride at 150mg. for 7 days. Maybe you require a higher dose. Some people do I think. I don't think you need to explore to low end. I don't think people experience nothing at 50 yet have a response at 25.
> >
> > But what if you still don't respond to amisulpride at 150mg? I suggest you try a stimulant, not ritalin, preferably adderall. It is dopaminergic that has shown to be effective in some with dysthymia/atypical depression and CFS. I believe it also can help those with social anxiety due to dopaminergic dysfunction. Email me at and I can give you suggestions on how to obtain adderall for a trial.
> >
> > Depending on your response to adderall you may need to try yet another dopaminergic. We're getting ahead of ourselves, but pramipexole (Mirapex) is another option for you. Reports seem to indicate it to be effective for vegetative atypical. It is my hunch that where amisulpride is ineffective with D2/D3 dysfunction, pramipexole may be effective. However, if memory serves me, pramipexole is not available in your country. In this case you would substitute it with Requip (ropinirole). If you decide to try this I can give you instructions for your trial.
> >
> > Then we come to MAOIs. Sorry if I have already asked you this, but what has been your experience with them, have you tried any of them? They are standard treatment for atypical and social phobia. I think they are overused and should not be used unless other options fail due to their common side effects but sometimes they are all that works.
> >
> > I hope this advice gives you some options and inspires you to fully explore dopaminergic dysfunctin, for which I believe you likely suffer from.
> >
> > Please keep us informed on how you are doing and how the meds are working. I'm very much hoping that something can be found to work for you.
> >
> > BTW, thank you Scott for the info on Sulpiride, perhaps sulpiride should be used more. Perhaps it can be effective where amisulpride fails. I hope to see reports from people who have tried both to see if they have real differences in response rates. Most of all I am glad to see you posting again.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > AndrewB




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