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Re: HELP!!!! I don't know what to do!!!

Posted by Sigolene on October 5, 2000, at 14:13:52

In reply to HELP!!!! I don't know what to do!!!, posted by Tawna Baier on October 5, 2000, at 2:26:36

To my opinion, what you describe is probably due to both: your depression + prozac withdrawal. I think that when prozac effect will be finished you feel better. Then you could try Wellbutrin again but with very small dosage, and see in the following 2 or 3 days how you are. If you are not worse you can carry on. You probably know that an AD need about 15 day to be effective on depression. But you have side effect already at the beginning. If i can advise you something, never take the full dosage of a new med the first day, increase slowly to avoid any horrible adverse reaction.

> Hey,
> This is my first time ever leaving a message on here but, I really need some advice. About 6 months ago I was put on Paxil for mild depression and panic attacks. I became worse than I was before I started it. I was so tired and had no motivation to do anything. After 6 weeks on the Paxil my Dr. took me off it and started me on Prozac. At first, I loved it....I didn't feel wonderful but it gave me a little energy and a little hope that I was going to get better. After about a month it all went down hill from there. I started getting tired and withdrawn again. My thoughts, emotions,actions...just everything got worse. I tried to hide it though and kept saying "The prozac helped before and if I take it long enough it will again." Wrong!!! I stayed on the prozac for 4 months before I couldn't hide what I was going through anymore. I was extremly tired all of the time, either I couldn't sleep(due to RLS) or it was a very disturbed sleep that really didn't do me any good. I would start crying and it seemed like i couldn't stop. I lost contact with most of my friend and a lot of my family. It was awful. I went to the Dr. last Thursday(9-28) and he took me off of the prozac and put me on Wellbutrin SR and recommended that I start seeing a clinical counsler. I asked him if it would be ok to stop the prozac "cold turkey" and he said "yeah, you should be fine." Well, I'm not!!! I'm miserable. 3 days after I stopped the prozac and started the wellbutrin sr, I got this headache that seemed to be right in between my eyes. The next day(last Mon.10-1) the headache was still there and only got worse. Nothing I took would help it. My hands started shaking real bad and I started to tremble. I became extremly agitated and would get mad over nothing. I couldn't think, it seemed like nothing made sense and the more I tried the more upset I got and ended up crying. I called my Dr. on Tues.(10-2) but, he was not in because it was his half day. So, I just got worse all day. I tried to drive and I couldn't!! I almost immediatley got very panicked....i had to concentrate on my breathing, I got this tingling/numb feeling all over and I literally felt like I was going to pass out or just completley freak out at any moment. I called my pharmacist and she was shocked that my Dr. just had me drop the prozac. She said my symptoms could be withdrawls or a side effect of the wellbutrin. I talked to my docter today(Wed. 10-3) and he told me to stop taking the Wellbutrin SR for a week to allow a little time for some of the prozac to get out of my system, then start the Wellbutrin back. And that was it!! So, I have really NO idea what's going on with me. I'm on a drug off a drug and so on. I feel worse now than I ever have! I have all these strange, new symptoms that all seemed to start at once and I don't know why, how to deal with it or how to stop it!! I have a 2 year old and I couldn't even take care of him today. (Thank God for Grandmothers!!) I feel like I'm hanging from a cliff trying so hard to hold on but knowing that i'm gonna fall soon. If that makes sense. I think the worst thing is not knowing why all this is happening. I've read the "signs" of depression so, I know where those are coming from. But, what about the being paranoid, wake up at night soaked in sweat but, don't know why. When I drive I am almost overwhelmed with panic.(It's like that when I ride in the car too just not so bad) I've had about 8-10 hours of sleep since Sunday. I feel like I'm not in control of my thoughts and emotions. I feel like I don't even control my life. I hate all of this. I really, really hate it. I'm so scared because I don't know what's going on with me. I don't know when or if it will stop.
> So, what I need to know is what is going on with me? Why was I just mildly depressed 6 months ago and then very depressed a week ago and now I'm....I don't know. I'm a mess! My family and friends really don't understand what's going on so they are really not much help. My docter hasn't told me anything, I don't even know if HE knows what he's doing. Is this all from prozac withdrawls or is it from the side effects of Wellbutrin Sr. Or am I just really going crazy? I need to know...I have to know because I can't stay like this, but I don't know how to stop it. Please, if someone knows or can relate with some of this, tell me what I need to do. Thanks for being here to get this all out. It's nice to know that there are people out there willing to take the time to read and respond to other people. So...Thanks!!




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