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Re: I am scared of this medicine, HELP ME!

Posted by Moni on July 18, 2000, at 18:30:25

In reply to Re: I am scared of this medicine, HELP ME!, posted by CG on July 11, 2000, at 20:39:00

Hi.. this is my first time posting, following up, etc. I have been on effexor xr for the past 10 weeks. I am up to a 75mg and a 37.5mg together. My doctor didn't want to put me at 150mg yet. I have to call next week to let him know how this works out. I understand what you mean about your libido. I have the same problem. It's definitely almost impossible for me to have an orgasm and the feeling of wanting to have sex is nearly gone. My doctor told me to relax more. I tried that.. I have an orgasm rarely. I'm trying to balance out in my mind that I could be worse off. I don't know if this is the right medicine but it has helped me with the depression a great deal. I'm more social, less angry at everyone, no crying, stopped all the excessive worrying, eating and sleeping again. But yes, as you stated.. no libido. Is this the price we have to pay for being sane?? It may be.

> > I have never posted to any bulletin board, but I really feel alone on this one. I took Prozac 40mg for nearly 8 years for depression. About six months ago, I decided that it was time to try and "be normal" and stop taking the medicine. These past six months have been awful and I have been very depressed.
> >
> > I finally took my wife's advice and went to a Psychiatrist to get re-evaluated. He said that Effexor was "the answer" and dropped a sample box into my lap. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks and am up to 150mg a day. So far I can say it has made an improvement, but I can't say it is the answer for what is going on with me right now.
> >
> > My concern is that I stumbled onto this sight and it seems like a bunch of people have had a bad time with this medicine, both taking it and getting off of it. I have always struggled with psych meds because I feel I lose some of my control of how I truly feel about things being masked in the medicine's "cloak of apathy" so to speak. I am worried that I might be taking this stuff for life and that just isn't how I would like to see myself forever.
> >
> > I am also finding a rather embarrassing side effect. It seems my libido has taken a vacation and doesn't know when it is coming back. Also, the literature talks about "abnormal ejaculation". My experience is it's very hard to have an orgasm with this medicine. Has anyone else experienced this? I am serious about this and it is starting to become problematic.
> >
> > Hi Todd! This is my first time posting a follow up, but have been reading the messages here for a couple of weeks now. I started taking Effexor Xr a couple of weeks ago and was very scared at first but now I am very comfortable with it. I take 150mg a day too. The only side affect I can complain about is the sweating. But with all the good things that have been happening to me I just bear with it. And just like you I am scared that I will need this medication forever. But the thing that reasures me that if I do need it forever is that at least I feel like a normal person again. I am not crying over nothing or angry at all the wrong people. I just started seeing a psychiatrist so I don't really know what my future holds for me as far as taking anti depressants but just have some patience. I definately don't feel "numb" or emotionless on this medication. In fact, I swear that I have developed a back bone. I noticed myself not being so passive when I normally was and on the flip side I am easier going with people who I used to be sort of aggitated with (especially at work!). I also don't dwell on the things don't need to be worried about like before. I have found that my libido is not what it should be too, but I feel more affectionate than I did- so go figure. Best of luck to you and thanks to all the people who post messages here-they have really helped me!!!




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