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Re: To TINA--Jennifer

Posted by tina on July 16, 2000, at 10:11:02

In reply to Re: To TINA, posted by Jennifer on July 16, 2000, at 2:58:26

Hey Jen: Thanks for the care and compassion. I haven't tried the Benedryl yet. Have to wait until I can scrape up some money. Just had some huge car repairs done and I have no job so I have no steady income. All these meds are already too expensive. In answer to your question, I take 600mg of moclobemide a day spread out over 4 meals. I take .5mg of clonazepam morning and evening and .5mg of xanax if I'm having a panic attack as needed. I took Celexa for a month and it gave me suicidal tendencies so I quit that. Been on the moclobemide for a little over 6 weeks now. Feeling exceedingly crappy day by day but I think that has a lot to do with the lack of sleep and not with the meds. I do try to go to bed before 10 but I can't seem to settle in. Don't know why. Will try the Benadryl when I can. Thanks again for caring so much.

> Dear Tina,
> Are you awake? I just read your post from last night. I was doing some downloads into my computer and never had time to get over here. Sorry, I was up and maybe could have gotten into a "girl chat" with you and Kath. It's 12:51am right now, which I'm sure is more like 4am for you out there. I hope to goodness you are sleeping. I would like to know if you were able to try the Benadryl, and if it worked tonight. Also, after reading your post from last night, you were really in a "flight of ideas". Can you remind me again what medications you are on, and what time of the day you take them? I wanted to take one more gander at that since the 10pm is your real wire up time. Also, do you try to sleep before 10pm? It takes awhile to go into real deep sleep. You would need to take the Benadryl, and get to bed around 8:45 or so to try and psych out the 10pm "up time".
> Well, I've added a little bit more down below in my typing, but as for now, good night, don't let the bed bugs bite. I've got to get to bed myself. You know you're either working hard, or having insomnia if you wake up the same day you go to bed. For me it's the working hard one today. I'll try and check back tonight. Jennifer
> Re.. "homeopathics & even though the water-based ones have an infinitesimal amount (even unmeasurable) of active ingredients, my family & friends have had remarkable results from them."
> >>I didn't mean to say that homeopathics didn't have the chance of some result. When doing a double blind study on a new medication, 50% of the people do not receive it, however a significant number will report positive effects from it. How? The placebo effect. Many people are angry or disagree with you if you tell them about the placebo effect, however it is actually a positive thing. By using this effect, people can lessen their symptoms without medications that may adversely effect their body. Why put something inside of you, if your brain has the ability to act in a similar manner?! Your brain will actually release chemicals due to what you believe, and cause a decrease in symptoms. This is a wonderful thing. In the olden days, nurses were allowed to give placebo's to patients, however that is no longer the case. Scientifically speaking only...if you have a kazillion water molecules, and one molecule of lactose, and you pour this evenly into 20 bottles, who got the molecule of lactose? :)
> Hugs, Jen




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