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Posted by kellyR. on April 18, 2000, at 17:35:07

In reply to Do you think its just the age in which we live????, posted by sick of it all on April 17, 2000, at 18:02:05

> did you ever just sit and think , what did people like us do back then (1800's or so) they certainly didnt have the meds we have today, i think our lifestyles have become so accustom to "quick ,hurry up i gotta go here or i gotta do this now , that we forget to just appreciate life and thank god were all alive, it could be worse. i dont think people back then really cared to much about the things we all worry about today. i dont know just something to ponder on.
> s

MIDDLE AGES,this time religion came to dominate western societies in a way it had not done in ancient times. The results was that abnormal behavior was once more attributed largely to supernatural forces. This was not always the case-some physicians suggested that strange behavior might stem from natural causes; but those physicians were ignored,or worse. The results of this shift in views was that persons with serios psychological disorders were seen as being punished for their sins by demons & devils. Thus, they were subjected to often painful EXORCISMS-efforts to remove these demons- & were often beaten,starved,or worse.
With the Renaissance, which began in Europe in the 1400s, the pendulum began to swing again. For instance, the Swiss physician Paracelsus suggested that abnormal behavior might stem, at least in part,from the influence of natural forces such as the moon-hence the term LUNATIC to describe behavior. As the Renaissance continued & knowledge of anatomy & biology increased, the view that abnormal behavior was a disease-a kind of illness- began to take hold. Up until the 1700s, many mentally ill persons were kept in madhouses designed as much to keep these distured persons out of society as to protect them from harm.Conditions in these so-call ASYLUMS were brutal. Patients were shackled to walls in dark,damp cells,were never permitted outside,& were often beaten & abused by their guards. Indeed, the public sometimes bought tickets to view the inmates & their strange antics, just as people would pay to visit zoos.
Change,however, was in the wind. As early as the 1700s, a series of reformers- for instance,Jean-baptiste pussin & Philippe pinel, physicians in charge of a large mental hospital in Paris- began arguing that patients with psychological disorders were suffering from a kind of illness,& that they would do much better if freed from their chains,moved to bright,sunny rooms,& permitted to go outside for exercise.These change did produce beneficial effects, so thes ideas soon spread & did much to reduce the suffering of patients in such "hospitals".How times have change or have they?




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