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Posted by michael on March 31, 2000, at 17:27:12

In reply to Re: AntRock, posted by AndrewB on March 30, 2000, at 10:58:30

> Anthony,
> I tried that licorice, it made me real tired. My legs felt rubbery. So I guess my cortisol is not too low? Hope you get benefit from it. Just keep on doing what you are doing, trying different things. If you keep on trying, you'll probably find some way to get your energy back, I did. But I have a box of supplements and medicines that didn't work that I had to go through first. Make sure to give everything a fair trial and try not to take too many things at once. All the combinations can obscure whether something is helping you or not. If nothing your taking now works out, reboxetine might be something to try in the future. Myself and others have found it quite energizing and good for concentration.
> How am I? I've been depressed and irritable the last couple of days. It is because Iíve taken a four day break from amisulpride (and Mirapex). I am trying to see if occasional drug holidays from the amisulpride make it work better. Anyway, it didn't take long after I quit it to feel down again. The bad feelings all come rushing back; feelings of gloom, feelings of being bad, being worthless, of being overwhelmed, of being stuck, of being broken, fragile and so hateful. It is like my positive attitude and world view, my motivation and caring were stripped away from me. Very harsh. I hate being so chemically dependent on ADs. On the other hand, God bless the chemicals. Maybe life is a chemical illusion and technology is bringing on an age where we may choose our illusion. Possibly though there are broader truths in life that depression seperates us from, makes us deaf to, and ADs have the potential to bring us back to a point of communication with this larger world.
> I certainly can relate to your feelings of being unable to concentrate or care or see meaning in anything at times. When depressed I often feel like I am in an existentialist funk. 'What does anything matter?' I think. I just go from on crises to boredom to another crises. I feel numb. It takes energy to care, it takes something positive to look forward to to care, it takes a mind that is not depressed to care. My depression doesnít even allow me to care about myself or even like myself. It doesnít matter what I do, what I accomplish....the effort of doing anything only makes me more tired and more depressed. In my tiredness, I canít concentrate. My mind wanders amongst worrying and escapist daydreaming.
> Anyway, that is the Ďboatí Iím in when Iím depressed. I hope that this message reminds you that there are others who feel like you do at times. I feel lucky though in having found a way out of depression (that works at least for now). Iím ready to use amisulpride again as a lifeboat and hopefully get away from this mess. I wish you the best in your search for an medicine that works. I believe you will succeed.
> AndrewB

Hi Andrew -

Sounds like a drag - and kind of familiar....

Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding the reboxetine... or are you on "holiday" from that too? I didn't get the impression it was doing much for you from your last msg...? Just wondering,




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