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Re: Subverting the system...

Posted by Cindy W on March 18, 2000, at 19:42:39

In reply to Subverting the system..., posted by bob on March 18, 2000, at 8:34:15

> ... but first, a joke:
> > No mystery there. Managed care can stink.
> These three famous doctors die in a tragic SUV crash late one Wednesday coming back from the 19th hole. Next thing they know, they're at the Pearly Gates so they figure, "Hey, we're doctors" and they start to stroll right in. That's when Saint Pete steps up and says, "Whoa, fellas!! Not so fast! Not EVERYBODY gets to go through -- what've you done to get you a ticket inside?"
> The first doc steps up and says, "I invented the artifical hip. Now, thousands of people, especially seniors, who fall and break their hip can now regain their mobility instead of being confined to a wheelchair or, worse, a bed for the rest of their lives." Petey thinks it over a few seconds and says, "Yeah, yeah! I like that -- that's good enough for me", and he ushers the first doc through the Gates.
> The second doc steps up and says, "Ah, that was nothing! I invented the artifical heart. Thousands of people each year rely on my invention when their own hearts fail, allowing them to live until an organ donor can be found and someone's heart can live on in a new body." Pete gives it a thought, and says "That's marvelous! Wonderful! You definitely belong in here" and leads doc#2 through the Pearly Gates.
> Finally, doc 3 steps up. Saint Pete, all excited now, says, "Okay, so what's YOUR story?" Doc 3 says, "Well, I just was the CEO of the largest HMO in the whole WORLD. Just think about all the care that people received under my thoughtful and compassionate guidance of their HMO."
> Pete stood there and rubbed his chin some, obviously lost in thought. Then, he says,"You know, doc, that is the most stupendous story I've heard yet. Truly remarkable. Fabulous...
> ... you can stay for three days."
> As for being subversive:
> I think we need the Law & Order DAs on our case here. We need to file some criminal case against these so-called-health-organizations for depraved indifference. Forget civil proceedings -- let's get some of the decision-makers' asses thrown in jail. More seriously, tho, maybe we should study and learn how the gay community fought (and continues to fight) to get drug trials to stop giving placebos once an anti-HIV med shows results, and how to get these meds fast-tracked through the FDA.
> Point of subversion #2:
> Maybe we need our own version of the Anarchist's Cookbook. A "make your own transdermal patch" recipe sounds like it would be quite welcome.
> my two cents (the joke was for free)
> bob
Bob, loved the joke! Managed care certainly isn't for the benefit of the patient.




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