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Re: ? for Saint J: dexe vs Adderall <<-SAY WHAT?

Posted by cityboy on October 27, 1999, at 1:14:17

In reply to Re: ? for Saint J: dexe vs Adderall, posted by saint james on October 21, 1999, at 2:10:14

> > S.J. wrote:
> > I also question the use of L-amphetamine, as it has negative side effects. Another "least patentable difference" ?
> >
> James here...
> Adderal was on the market as Orbitol till the 70's, was pulled because of abuse. Was re-introduced as Adderal as of late.
Obetrol was not pulled because of "abuse" exclusively. It was discontinued because the AMA re-evaluated the use of amphetamine for long
term obesity therapy. At the same time, the AMA discontinued the use of all amphetamine/barbiturate mixtures, calling them
irrational; e.g., Obedrine, Eskatrol, Biphetamine-T, all of which were called "goof balls."

> //snip//

>D is "left handed" arrangement, L is the right. Biology mostly runs on D isomers, the universe is rather left handed, though there are exceptions, like the aminos. Look on the net about isomers, you really need graphics to understand this ! Many times the L is not active in humans, or is not useful, or has negative side effects.
Pardon me, but you have these terms mixed up.
The "D" refers to "dextro" or RIGHT HAND ROTATION of the molecules.
The "L" (levo) is the left hand rotation.
The "dextro," "d-," is always the more powerful of the two.
Both "d-" and "l-" are latin terms.

An example of L-amphetamine is benzedrine, or "Bennies," a truck-driver's friend (good movie: DEATH IN SMALL DOSES).
Benzedrine was also stuck in an inhaler called BENZEDREX to dry up mucous tissue in the nose.

An example of d-amphetamine is dexedrine, or "Dexies," a delightful "house-wife" drug which can lead to the Mad-Hatters Syndrome, if abused (and it usually is).

Another difference between the two is the way the almighty DEA "sees" them.
Dexedrine is classified as a CONTROL II substance, whereas benzedrine, as
a rule, is considered a CONTROL III drug (DIDREX, an anoretic from UpJohn).

I suppose you could mix the two, but that would send the DEA into a tizzy.
ADDERALL, from what I understand, contains amphetamine resins, whatever that crap is.

> Dex is all d-amphetamine, proven to be active in humans.
> L-amphetamine has some action, but tends to have more negative effects. Reported are: makes you more shakey, dysphoria, sweaty, ect.
See DIDREX reference above.

> The D vers is more smooth feeling.
Meaning what?

> "Least patentable difference" is the least chemical difference you can change a compound from the patent to get another patent. In this case it is the addition of L-amphetamine, and a few other things.
This makes no sense at all, sorry.

> j

The point of all this: when choosing between Ritalin and Dexedrine, go with the one that's been around since 1927; i.e., tried and true d-amphetamine.
Of course, you might want to ask your pdoc for DESOXYN (methamphetamine - Abbott) providing, of course, he doesn't laugh you
right out of his office.





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