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Re: hospitalization

Posted by Adam on October 26, 1999, at 16:24:35

In reply to hospitalization, posted by allison on October 25, 1999, at 18:34:55


You might want to check out my posts in the "Selegiline for Depression" thread, just for the long story,
if you're interested. I sound a bit, I don't know, arrogant in some parts, but it's my story.

Anyway, hospitalization can be of benefit IF, I think, you get yourself into a good place. I have been
to only one inpatient psych unit, and then only once, in what is probably one of the top ten hospitals in
the whole world. And even THEN there was much to be desired. But also much to benefit from.

One is a feeling of safety.
Two, they may try ECT. I'm not advocating ECT, but if they use it, you're better off doing it inpatient
first time around, I think.
Three, you can potentially get hooked up with some good people and
some good referrals. It is, basically, a good way to network.

I can't really think of any other major advantages to the hospital. It isn't a magical place where your
cares will be erased. You won't come out as improved as, say, somebody who got a broken leg set.

But I'll say it again: it gave me access to names of good people. I went to the best hospital I could
get into with my insurance, got some references, and ditched the therapists and doctors I had been working
with before. The doc I was working with before I got into the hospital litarally called me while I was
in the hospital to tell me he didn't think we should be working together any more (f-ing weasel). My therapist,
told me she did CBT when I agreed to start working with her. She never even completed a certification course
in CBT, and never made it the focus of our work. To get help before I went through the huge list of names
in the back of my HMO Provider list, found some names that looked nice or were convenient or I don't know
what and just went to these people hoping for the best. Just because somebody has an MD or a PhD does not
mean that they are intelligent, caring, up to date, competant, or anything else. You know how the joke goes:
What do you call the top med. student in his class: Doctor. What do you call the bottom med. student in
his class: Doctor! There aren't many ways to research a potential doctor or therapist, and if you're in
bad emotional shape, with only so many visits alotted for a year, you don't have time to screw around. You
need good help, and you need it fast.

So if you are considering hospitalization, I would say this: research the hospital. Find the best one you
can that will take your insurance, go there, and get some good referrals for people who can follow you afterward.
It is so worth it.


> Maybe this is a stupid question. I'm fairly new to this board and have not seen much about it (I suppose I should check the archive -- back to stupid and Wellbutrin, I guess.)
> I've never been hospitalized. I've sometimes wondered if I should be. I think my pdoc has sometimes thought the same thing, and has at certain times (unless I'm paranoid) suggested it without saying it outright. But he hasn't insisted. Not yet.
> I guess I'm wondering when does one know one needs to go there? Or does one ever know? And what happens?




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