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Started Remeron

Posted by DL on September 24, 1998, at 16:33:23

In reply to Re: Meds, posted by Toby on September 24, 1998, at 10:27:52

> 15 mg of Remeron does work in some people and I have several patients who have gotten relief with 15 mg alone, but many people need to go on up to 45 or 60 mg per day.

Last night I took the half tablet of Remeron (7.5), a half tablet of klonopin (.25mg) and one tablet of kava. I did sleep differently--seemed to be deeper. My alarm woke me and it was very difficult to get up. I would have liked to stay in bed and sleep longer. This is strange for me because I always wake before the alarm and this is ususally about 5 hrs after I go to bed. But I had to go to work.

However, the feeling hung on all day. I couldn't shake it. Even eating some chocolate didn't cause the hyper feeling it usually does. I think I could have fallen asleep at my desk--which is VERY different for me. Right now I am home between work and an evening meeting. I am wondering how I will stay awake at the meeting. Should I try to stop the klonopin and also stop the kava? Perhaps they are increasing the effect of the Remeron? Or is this normal for Remeron? Or is this my overreactive system again? I am a little worried about driving more tonight due to this. Perhaps going to bed earlier will help. I usually don't because then I wake up so early in the morning.

Is there anything I can do to cope with this feeling? although it is nice that the racy feeling is not there, it is not so great to be so sedated either. It also helps me to see that I was not sabotaging my own tx. I was told at one time that the AD's caused these symptons because I didn't really want to get better!

> Weight gain can be a problem at the low doses, not so much at doses above 30 mg

With my sensitive system and all this drowsiness, do you think I could take more, and how quickly should I titrate up? I can call the MD and ask him about this if you think it would help the drowsiness. Actually it I didn't have to go to work and look for a place to live I would just sleep for days and no one would appreciate it more! Sleep has been elusive for me for years.

However, the thyroid situation is interesting (if you'll pardon that word). Even if the blood work shows normal or borderline normal levels of thyroid hormone, if you clinically show evidence of hypothyroidism, a small dose of Cytomel (NOT Synthroid) may be very helpful in treating your depression.

MD's office has not called me so I will have to check with them about the tests. They did a "hyperthyroid screen" almost a year ago and told me results were within normal spans but I did not see the results. Before that TSH had been tested by PCP and then GYN at various times.

I thought HYPOthyroid meant too much sleep and slowing down, not anxiety symptoms and lack of sleep?

> During the EMDR, you want to try really hard to bring up that painful physical feeling you get in your throat and chest.

Thanks again for the GREAT explanations. I will find a way to try this out.

This feeling from the Remeron just won't leave. I wish I could just go to sleep now. And I actually think I could!!! It has been years since I could sleep during the day....But, sleeping all day is not too functional either.

Well, good luck on Sat.

THANKS! There haven't been a lot of supportive comments in my marriage in years. I guess I have made it the "status quo" and accepted it. I look forward to being able to talk to you. I wish the MD's were more available. I feel so much more supported when I can get my questions answered.

Sincerely, Dotty




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