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Posted by DL on September 23, 1998, at 22:20:10

In reply to Re: Help!, posted by Toby on September 23, 1998, at 13:55:41

THANKS FOR RESPONDING! Where do I find a doctor like you? I'll bet you don't run out the door and hop in your car as soon as your patients leave...The psychiatrist I see is a nice person, but I always feel he just really does not have time for me, and sticks pretty much to what he has always done--not much innovation or individual attention. Perhaps if I see someone for EMDR he/she can suggest another MD if I am still on any kind of med? I will see my therapist this Sat, right after a long mediation session. She will have been to the lecture on EMDR by then and may have suggestions of a person. locally.
> The 7.5 mg is not enough to help depression, but getting good rest is a good start. Since he did give you that many pills, my guess is that you could start with the 7.5 mg for about one week to 10 days and if you are being too sedated during the day, call his office and request to increase to the 15 mg dose.

I think he prescribed the small dose because of my reactions to tiny doses of other AD's in the past. I was surprised he did not suggest increasing the amount at some point though. Would the 15 mg be enough to affect depression or would I probably need more if I could tolerate it?

> The SJW will probably be OK to continue with the Remeron for now since the dose will be so low. We talked about the kava before and I think at the present dose of klonopin it should be OK to continue it as well for now.

When I could not get the MD by phone--and did not want to talk to one I did not know, I did check one other place. My sister is a nurse and knows a very knowledgeable Pharm D at the Veterans Hospital in Manchester NH. When I talked to her by phone this week (and I was at a breaking point...........) she suggested I e-mail him and ask about the SJW and Kava. He did reply and suggested I taper off the SJW over a few days then start the Remeron. So I took only 3 on Tue and only 2 this morning. So perhaps I should be courageous and take the Remeron tonight......He also suggested I not stop the klonopin till I found out if the Remeron helps me. And he agreed with you that the one tab of kava would be OK.

But he did suggest I have baseline WBC and LFT tests and again after 2-4 weeks since a small percentage of people have problems with Remeron. I don't know what LFT is, but I do know that in past blood tests ( 1 1/2 yrs ago and 3 yrs ago) I was told my WBC was slightly below the span of normal each time. Any comments on the above? What is LFT? And should I request these tests? THe psychiatrist never had blood tests done except once when I took Pamelor 2 yrs ago only to check its level. This person also commented I should watch what I eat since a significant # of people have weight gain on Remeron.

QUESTION: Do AD's really work for some people? I mean do they say, wow I really feel better? Because I just seem to hear about the ones who have all the side effects and problems...

The only problem I have with herbals is that the dose is not regulated and you never know from dose to dose what milligrams you are getting and how that dose will interact with your other medications.

The SJW I was taking was the KIRA brand that comes from Germany and was used in the published studies. The Kava had a standardized amount of kavalactones which are supposed to be the active ingredient
> None of the medications you are taking, nor about to take, will interfere with the EMDR. The only way it won't work is if you go into it while intoxicated. When you go for the session, don't try to "make" anything happen, don't try to "figure things out," because your brain will do all the work automatically and really too quickly for you to ponder over them during the session. Just let things come to mind and leave again on their own. Concentrate on the physical feelings that come up and do what the therapist tells you to do. Be honest with the therapist and yourself. Other than that, your brain will make the connections and adjustments it has been trying to, but has been too overwhelmed to.

Thank you for the very humanistic explanation. It helps to put me at ease about EMDR. Even if I have to find the money without insurance coverage I will see someone. I used to dirink a glass of wine occasionally but it has been a few years since I have been able to. Even though sometimes it would relax me for a few hours, I would have a backlash after that similar to coffee and SSRI's--I would wake up and feel racy and stay awake. THe last time I tried a glass of wine I started to feel that way within 30 min. I hope the therapist is good at disconnecting me from the defenses I have used for years. I have become very good at canceling pictures and thoughts from my past.--because when I allow myself to think into myself the tears well up and I feel so fragile..

QUESTION: I have been taking a low dose of natural hormones (estradiol and micronized progesterone) to see if that will help. When I had a recent test done through Madison Womens Pharmacy, the nurse there called and said my estradiol level had shot way up to high levels even though I was only taking a tiny dose. She said this frequently happens when there are thyroid problems. She is going to call my GYN to suggest I have a thyroid antibody test done. A few times in the past diff Drs during regular check ups have had TSH done since my thyroid area seems somewhat enlarged. But I was told each time it came out within the normal range. Is this something that can affect depression or anxiety? I know that thyroid problems are fairly common after birth in women but when I had problems years ago I don't think it was checked.

Thanks again for hanging on for me. After the last few years it's nice to know there are a few MD's out there who care.




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