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Re: Anyone try Zoloft?

Posted by kate on August 27, 1998, at 10:43:44

In reply to Re: Anyone try Zoloft?, posted by Matt on July 20, 1998, at 14:56:44

> > I have recently been put on zoloft 100mg. Has anyone
> > been on this medication and if so did it help?

> > Thanks, Darlee.

> Been on it four weeks so far myself. Lots of people have been helped significantly by its antidepressant and antianxiety properties. Of course, there are the SSRI side effects that typically come along with taking the drugs. But, if your question is, "Am I on a good antidepressant?" The answer is "yes." (Though, that's not to say that Zoloft works for everyone--no antidepressant does.) 100mg is a normal starting target dosage. If you just started (like in the last couple days), you're probably going through some agitation. This is normal when first going on an SSRI, and it probably will go away in a week or two. Actually 100mg, though it is a normal dose to aim for at first, starting fresh at 100mg in many people probably isn't the best idea, just due to the agitation. It's a better idea to dose up over a week or even two from 25 to 50 to 100. But, if you're not having major problems with the agitation, then great!

> If the agitation is a problem for you, you might try to dose up as I mentioned, and perhaps even short term add a benzodiazepine (e.g. klonopin) for a week or two to get past the initial jitters.

> All that being said, I'm not a doctor, and before changing any med schedule you should talk to your doctor.

> Best of luck

> Matt

I started taking zoloft in october of 1996 through march of 1998. I was given this to battle depression which accompanied bulemia. Although it did help with my depression by lightening my mood, it did nothing for my urges to binge and purge.
I started at 25mg and worked my way to 50mg then eventually to 100mg. As I stated before it did lighten my mood so much that I became too carefree about everything. Most important - my weight. It stopped being a priority so I would eat what ever I felt like eating which would bring on feelings of gulit which would trigger a binge and I would end up purging. As a result I gained 15 pounds. That is a lot for someone with an eating disorder.
My symptoms were on the lesser side of extreme)
I stopped taking zoloft 6 months ago and I feel ok. My mood is not so great and I hate to say it, my sex drive has decreased from when I was on the meds. As far as symptoms of bulemia - they have decreased substantially. Regarding my overall behavior, I am not so "carefree" anymore and my weight is back being a priority - unfortunately I have 15 pounds to lose which is still very hard. Everyday is a struggle and there are many time that I want go back on the meds again so I can get out of this depression.
I still have no answers to my problem ~
My reason for writing this is not to knock Zoloft. This medication is good, but not for everyone. I think that doctors should make a point in saying that "weight gain" is more likely than "weight loss" If you are not battling am eating disorder and weight is not an issue, among other things, this med may be for you. It was not for me.
For all of you that take this medication, make sure you are consistent in taking it and with the level of dosage.
Any thoughts or advice or proven evidence that could be of any help would be appreciated. thanks




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