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Re: Schizophrenia/ Neuropathology

Posted by Levi on August 21, 1998, at 3:46:48

In reply to Re: Schizophrenia/ Neuropathology , posted by Toby on August 19, 1998, at 9:53:32

Why does my doc (take a guess) always use the term schizophrenia when relating to me diagnostically? I'm not quite sure of his thoughts - only what I had mentiones in the last letter. There is one thing that keeps occuring, and is, withought doubt, flat out shizophrenia. When my doc asks how things are going, mood doesn't really fall into light. It's more questions that relate to voices, delusions, or circular (i.e. getting stuck - not in the OCD way, but a disorganization). I am responsive to the atypicals. But I still have relapses. Througout my course - say the past three years - the central element is neuroleptic and response. My doc is good for me in terms of therapy - but I'm sceptical in the sense that he once thought that I was 295.7 and did for a while. Over time, and I am taking antidepressents (Bad response to lithium, depakote...) - I think that he has come to the conclusion that I clearly (just about) am svhitzophrenic. This is probrably why he says I'm a schizophrenic but one with affective symptoms that keep him on the 295.7 thing. So he will tell me the truth - perhaps not the DSM or even the psychiatric truth - but he refers to me, openly (I'm fine with that) as schizophrenic. It's just that the receipts always say 295.7. So, I infer two things. (1)In light of the problematic diagnosis of 295.7, he has seen enough (over 20 yrs...) that he (somehow) can make the distinction quite accuratelly. And he believes, it seems clear, that I sway towards the schizo part. He perhaps has his own, which is in the boundries, defenition of who qualifies (?) as 295.7. So, since I must stay on antidepressent med - and I do have to....- and the neuroleptic is even more "staple" - it is the bread - perhaps this warrants his diagnosis. (2)I show affect. I have a sense of humor, and I am sarcastic and intelligent (I hope..) and have the big one - INSIGHT. But, I still over the long term course have battled over what is clearly shizophrenia, which is why he must refer to me as such. It has something to do with the form, or the intensity, or the unstable equality of theses two 'disorders' that warrants the diagnosis. One omore thing...(3)This is my belief, and I think it is really his too. I have shizophrenia. Not severe, but its proven itself again and again over the years, despite the neuroleptics - which I am lucky enough to derive a good amount of benefit from, as you can (hopefully...) tell. I think he thought I had 295.7 and I think at this time in therapy he refers to me as schizophrenic not just because of his belief that 295.7 can, or is sometimes the case, Schizophrenia+affective. But what about being depressed about being schizophrenic. Or grandiose because I think that the guy on tV is refering to me, on account of my central role in the worlds ultimate outcome. I think I have Paranoid Shizophrenia. Not a very good self-image... But I am not babbling, no echolalia, no posturing, none of these are in my bag. But I've got all the other junk. Mainly, a significant degree of confusion of thought thought derailment, thought blocking, thought insertion, thought broadcasting. Sometimes I think that I should reveal myself once and for all and wake up the sleeping ones...Sometimes I feel like a laghing stock, everyone in town is thinking about me at the same time - etc. So I have mild persecutory delusions, and hefty grandiose delusions (some of which i can't believe I believed!). I also fit a wide enough spectrum of symtomology so there is no possibility of differential diagnosis - just the two at hand. Grandiosity is the main thing. But my doc and i a5re far away from any ultimate disgnosis of manic delusions, for i fit not into that but much more obviously, to myself and my doc, in delusions that are goverened by "bizarre" thoughts, backing them up. I don't think I'm great and Madonna is in love with me. It's more like everyone who sees me notices my special powers, but I cannot at this momemt reveal my global significance. Yes, bizarre. So, perhaps he knows, and believes that I am definately schizophrenic, but since i have affective disorder, it makes me 295.7. I also think, many, many times that he regards "diagnosis" as secondary to symptoms. He treats the symptoms and doesn't really think that by changing my diagnosis it will do any help (and I see his point, if this is the case). Perhaps he lust feels, leave the diagnosis alone. After all I have symptoms of both, just more on the schizo side. Or it could be for insurance company reasons, and who knows what else. I would greatly appreciate an response that might say that I certainly may have 295.7 Or a response that he doesn't want to change the "number" but regards me as shizoohrenic. In short, if anyone can bear the time to answer, clarify, or just an opinion on the above, it would settle many misunderstandings, many things, indeed. Thanks....




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