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David Byrne

Posted by sigismund on December 27, 2020, at 18:48:17


Re: David Byrne

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:38:54

In reply to David Byrne, posted by sigismund on December 27, 2020, at 18:48:17

people don't really hear about hysteria, anymore. borderline personality, dissociative disorders. it's all 'autism spectrum' now.

here's another:

munchausen by proxy.

think about it not at the level of maternal-infant dyad (where the mother makes the infant sick to live out her own pathology) but think of it more at the systems level.

the level of the hospital.
the level of the government.

it is quite the rage. it is growing your business, if your business is trafficking in sickness or disease or disability.

whether it's about increasing the number of people with intellectual disability...

whether it's about increasing the number of people needing diabetes treatment or heart transplant operations.

whether it's about increasing the number of people with disability quite generally. 25 per cent currently. currently 25 per cent of New Zealanders, are kept by the government as 'disabled' by which they certainly do mean 'incapacitated' by which they certainly do mean 'not obtaining education or employment that you would otherwise expect' by which they certainly do mean 'years and years off their life expectancy'.

usually it is about saying there is something 'wrong' with some people (or some group of people) such that their own plans and desires and ambitions and so on are routinely, repeatedly, systematically ignored. instead, the resources and opportunities and so on are given to some OTHER group of people for the purposes of 'looking after' (or keeping or holding back).

whether it's des gorman trying to have some disability service closed down because he's incapable / unwilling to keep it going and the shareholders or whatever think they can liquidate for personal profit despite the users of the service demonstrating willingness and ability to keep it going (but that would be less government money for des and the board of directors)...

it's just a constant thing, in New Zealand where the most inept and incompetent have grubby grub grub grubbed up vast amounts of resources in exchange for ensuring that other people are constantly struggling fighting just to survive at the most basic level.

while the quality of the social services provided...

the child people (they change their name every 5 minutes becuase that's a good use of money - 'rebranding')... leave kids in houses where parents are using meth and take kids from houses where they are loved and cared for. you simply don't grow rates of disability and sickness and disease and oppression and malcontent if you manage your business (trafficking in children) any differently.

the hospital people... well, they repeatedly, routinely, persistently, refuse to supply timely quality accountable medical treatments to the people. so much squabbling and squawking and it all amounts to how they simply will not pay competent and qualified people they will only pay the squabblers and the squawkers and the people who agree to take 2 million dollars (or whatever) to grow teh business. to increase the sickness and disease so they can cry cry cry for more and more and more and more money. that's the only way of doing business that they seem to understand.

the schools...

it will be generations before we get to the point of development whereby there is lunch in schools. in other words, kids don't even go to school to eat their lunch, in new zealand. kids don't even go to school to be in a non-leaky warm environment in new zealand. hospital neither.

only one question really: how low can we go?

don't mistake a failure of imagination for an insight into necessity. you'd be surprised at the escher spiral of low...


Re: David Byrne

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:50:01

In reply to Re: David Byrne, posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:38:54

tertiary education: international students full fee paying 3x the standard fees and we refuse to grade their work to international standards of scholarship (to do with scholarly values like not plagarising, not falsifying data, not committing ethical or legal violations in the research, exhibiting scholarly virtue of inquiry and independence of thought).

we refuse to blind grade the work on it's merits with respect to the above.

instead we take a good look at the name of the student so we can be racist in ways you would expect and so we can ensure the best grades go to the children of the teachers or lecturers or senior officials and so on.

so our degrees aren't really worth anything. because they simply refuse to give them to all and only those who have demonstrated understanding and progress on the above.

instead new zealand has decided that it's basically a mob popularity contest, is what it is. they can give or withhold degrees to whoever they like for whatever reasons they like and -- what are you going to do about it?

come study in new zealand! waste years of your life and throw throw throw money into a sinking sump because there doesn't actually appear to be anything here....

people don't come here and give talks, anymore.

unless they are talks about how they plan to change the laws of new zealand to allow people to do experiments on people in aged care facilities without their consent because they are kept in conditions that have removed their ability to consent. so that just means they can do whatever tehy want to them -- right?

and no advance directives of 'i don't want you experimenting on me once you've incapacitated me' will count.


and what are you going to do about it?
and what are you going to do about it?
and what are you going to do about it?


new zealand has been overtaken by dementors.

the universities.
the hospitals.
the government departments.

it's all dementors shreaking and squawking...

while jacinda ardern sits in front of a bookcase with a government approved reading list of 'new zealand literature' that is government approved for quality (because commissioned / acknowledged).

like the avatar that she is.


there's nothing here.

where is my degree?

new zealand doesn't acknowledge it's own qualifications.

but then it chose to hire the slowest workers who would agree not to sign anyone off unless they were slower than them... jack and jill cannot run faster than tehir master...

slower and slower and slower and slower...

i understand how that you can get slower and slower and slower ... exponentially? i don't know if there is a name for the... converse? inverse? of that. closer and closer and closer never meeting the limit. still going forwards... still going forwards... still going forwards... approaching zero but not falling into reverse.


Re: David Byrne

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:57:28

In reply to Re: David Byrne, posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:50:01

the ncea history exam had some passage in it. apparently it was a poem from this guy.

apparently they picked it because it was poetry from someone who had spent some time in a mental institution.

(we like that, in new zealand, to say that you must be institutionalised / kept locked up in a mental institution if you are an artist. like that's a fitting fate for anyone who wants to be an artist. kind of saying that anyone who wants to produce art or something like that needs to accept that the government will ensure that you are kept sufficiently poor and thrown in mental facilities. sort of ensuring that people don't really do much in the way of art -- unless the government sanctions it, of course. like all the oppressive art that is scattered that makes people feel hopeless when they look at it).

so anyway apparently the chinese community say that this guy shot a ch*n*m*n because he was a racist (spouted political ideology about white supremacy) and didn't feel sufficiently listened to. so he killed a ch*n*m*n because... well because he could. then the lawyer got him a mental institution sentance because they pled insanity. and he wrote lots of things... and he escaped periodically and wrote a lot of racist stuff.

so the national examination history people teach him in the context of insane poet. like janet frame. that idea. they don't teach that he was a racist or that he shot a ch*n*m*n just because he could (he said it was to gain noteriety) or that he would 'escape' periodically and spew his racist ideology.


and that's the thing, really.

the mentality.

of teh guy who achieved noteriety -- as planned.

and of the people selected to write the examinations for national examinations in history. their knowledge of history.

were they ignorant / stupid? often that is the case in new zealand wehre teh positions are only given to the grossly incompetent. could be true.

likely they had some idea and thought 'hahahahahhahahahhahahhaha if you don't like it then what are you going to do about it'?


just these awful people.


Re: David Byrne

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 13:02:44

In reply to Re: David Byrne, posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:57:28

ch*n*m*n. huh. is that offensive? i literally thought it was another way of saying 'man from china'. the new zealand chinese community has complained about the exam and is seeking an answer to questions about how these exams are written.

which is good becuase people complained last year that the calculus exam had a lot of questions that didn't require calculus to work out the answer and the grading schedule wasn't giving marks to the right answer by legitimate method you had to divine their precise way of getting to the answer because... well because... the graders were too stupid to grade it properly one can only suppose.

but the real point is that they were incapable of writing good questions for the calculus examination.

i know how the complainers feel. at university, too, there are many many books with many many good questions where the questions are fair and good test of understanding of quality contents. and repeatedly and reliably and presistently lecturers try and re-invent the wheel on multi-choice and inevitably and invariably end up doing stupid things like having two answers that it could be (that are equally good - sometimes a toss up between 'all of the above' and 'none of the above' depending on how precisely they are talking) and calling that a 'high end distinguisher'

of course it is mostly likely probably all to mask the fact that some kids are properly coached through the grading schedules prior to examination.

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