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Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2020, at 2:09:10

contempt gets in the way of co-operation. an interesting thing that Trump said.

i feel bad saying something that i did about watching people with bad form...

i remember training a chicken to peck a key for food. to start with you rewarded an approximation in the general direction. then over time you got more specific in what you would reward. eventually nothing other than accuracy was rewarded. and then consistent pecking was expected, really, for a variety of reinforcement schedules.

some peope are quite... inhibited. themselves. too much frontal lobe activity, or something. so you gotta get them moving and keep them moving. keep them moving. keep them moving. and be careful in how you encourage them to keep moving so that you don't shut them down.

some other people throw themselves into things more so you can be more overtly critical and they will keep moving...

there is something about confidence coming from competence. ideally that is exactly where it comes from. ideally.

i totally did the right thing in joining that gym. the core classes are really really great. i should do the class every day. i simply don't work my anterior core, otherwise. every second track is a back track, too, and i need to pratice using my posterior chain only insofar as i can maintain abdominal activation. still really just starting to get activation. not really even in a strengthening phase yet. super important to be doing it every day.

i've actually been really impressed by various things that people have been doing. a couple girls doing swings with a really heavy kettlebell. I could swing it up... but it would smash my back on the way down. there's no way i have a core that would de-accelerate the weight coming down. so that was really impressive, actually.

and someone doing heaps of abdominal roll outs...

and just various people doing various things...

i even got caught in sprint today (a really bad idea because it's the 'jumpiest' class that there is) and the instructor was able to give low impact cues on the fly so that i could actually do the first 3 or 4 tracks. at which point i left because... i am not cardio fit. and it was the high intensity interval training 30 minute course and i do tend to get a bit excited and jump around more than i should on my ankles which means I know I will have some trouble walking tomorrow...

but, yeah.

i got a case file number. so... looks like the courts didn't decide the case was vexatious. i filed everything that i was supposed to file sufficiently well for things to be proceeding. so that is good.


Re: contempt

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:22:00

In reply to contempt, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2020, at 2:09:10

because,yeah, what i most want with my life, is to be a matyr.
becuase, yeah, things that people have been saying for the last 100 years or so... well... because we are still too stupid to understand them.
and so what the world needs is for someone to spend their whole entire life just sort of living that injustice so that people get to experience it all over again.
becuase, you know, we are too stupid to learn from the past.
we would rather profiteer in the present. continually.

ooooooooooooooooooooh we didn't knooooooooooooooooooooow that killing black people was wrong. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we didn't knoooooooooooooooooow. oooooooooooooooooh. well, at least george floyd helped us understand. what a... uh... meaningful thing he did there -- right? helping us understand. at least he didn't die in vain -- right?

he didn't die in vain.

because we were to stupid to know that killing him was wrong. but he helped us understand.

wow. that's a meaningful life for a black man to have lived -- right?

i bet his momma is so proud.


please don't quote the above out of context.

the justice system may come through for floyd the way the justice system may come through for a rich and valued white person or... for Obama's daughter or... you get the idea...

but there is no justice for floyd.

in terms of his life. there is no giving him his life back. that can never be put right. what he wanted with his life. his own individual goal / value... his own vison. his own dream. that's irreplaceable. and they killed it. they stole it from the world.


Re: contempt

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:52:45

In reply to Re: contempt, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:22:00

I went to a protest in Auckland.

It was a bit hard to tell what it was about / what it was supposed to be about.

I went because I saw it advertised as 'solidarity' for the wrongfulness of Floyd's death.

And because the thing that I found the hardest (that I never got over) about my trip to North Carolina (Chapel Hill in particular) was how there was only 1 black graduate student. 1 black (temporary, I think) Philosophy faculty. How the majority of black people I was were not actually chained together working the roads... But it wasn't such a stretch to imagine the actual chains in place (still) while they were still in fact working the roads...

How people jumped up for me when I got on the bus. How black men were afraid of me, yes.

I didn't like how that made me feel. I caught their feeling, you see. I don't like to feel afraid, like that. I don't like to feel that I am specially priviledged. I don't like to feel that I get the best seat on the bus because I'm a white female when that gentleman over there looks a bit frail and could make better use of it...

I have a Duke hoodie. Which is a bit weird because Chapel Hill was my actual sponser... I mean... THey are a bit of a system... But anyway... It was largely because when I was there I got to audit a course in graduate level cognitive neuroscience and I realised I really really really really really wanted to be doing the neuroanatomy summer intensive with the Med students more than anything else... ANd Chapel Hill wouldn't let me audit biology / biological psychology...


I wore it. Which was perhaps not the right thing to do. Because I suppose wearing 'team' things are supposed to enduce or inspire feelings of pride. You would wear things like that to a sports event or similar. And it wasn't the time to be feeling (or expressing anything that might be seen to be) an expression of pround to be anything much in America, right now...

I got a few puzzled looks. And I felt it was maybe inappropriate, I guess. If anyone had have asked me I would have said what I did about my experience of racism in North Carolina, though.

The guy who sold me his music CD for 10 bucks and a Marlboro -- because I could spare those things. And my conversation with him is probably the thing that stands out the most in my whole time there... How he asked me if there were 'people like him' in NZ and I said 'no, we don't really have African-Americans in NZ...' Though I think we actually do, now, I didn't know of any when I was growing up...

Someone wore a 'make American Great Again' cap and it got removed from him and burned. After he was... A bit antagonistic to an African American woman who asked him repeatedly to explain why he was wearing it. She was visibly upset and trying to rationally understand and he was dismissive of her upset and argumentative / antagonistic.

I would have turned my sweater inside out if anyone had have said they found it offensive in the circumstances. That wasn't my intent.

It took some time to unfold what the protest meant in NZ, I think.

I mean...


Because nobody waited for or expected the US consulate to send out a representative to speak to the crowd. That was clearly not the expectation.

So what we we doing protesting (violating level 3 lockdown) in this part of the world?

The largest banners were against arming the police in New Zealand.

THe Black Power (a NZ Maori gang) had a flag...

Sang the Haka...

Who is most likely to be the victim of armed police in NZ?

They are.

Rival gangs did not show up.

They didn't need to. Under the circumstances...

Apparently our pwn police statistics are that Maori and Pacific are 7x as likely to be arrested / tried in courts than non Maori and Pacific.


Re: contempt

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 22:26:58

In reply to Re: contempt, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:52:45

There was a coo (or whatever you call it). The National Party of NZ realised that they weren't going to win the election with Simon Bridges (around 30% of the vote) so they decided to change things up and replace the leader, the deputy leader, and another person (so a different top three line-up for the party).

Unfortunately... In the reshuffle... The front bench was looking very white. And they sort of re-freshed their image with a lighter shade of blue -- and added white. So it's looking very very white. With a blonde girl in each arm and no Maori on the front bench.

And... It was a bit of an unfortunate oversight... But it is what it is.

And Paula Bennett said something terrific (as a Maori person who was demoted in the party) about looking to the policies and if they benefited Maori rather than looking to the color the person saying the policies...

And that's... Big of her. I guess.

And also right -- I think. But also... I do see some sense in which I don't get to determine that.

I think looking at the policies... I don't think the National Government has done very much of anything for Maaori. But then the same could be said of Labor, actually, so...


For individual Maori, I mean. For progress on health and education and self-detrmination. For healthy housing. For a living wage. For those things. I don't think either government have done well on progress in thsoe things eithe rfor the majority of NZers or for immigrants to NZ or for Maaori. I think it is terrible that they haven't done more for all the people. But I think it is especially terrible that, for example, Maori weren't even regarded as eligible for State Housing and the like for ages... Ages... Before they started pretending to process applications for such things...

One lady stood up and said that she knew Maori women who would rather stay with abusive partners than have to deal with abusive police and abusive government services that are supposed to 'help'. And that's right. The governments seem to intentionaly make the services abusive precisely so that people learn not to ask for help. Feels like. Seems like. If you ask for help they threaten to take the kids away... If you ask for help often you have to deal with death threats from your abusive partner. They like to widely publicise how many people are killed by abusive partners every year. Because the police don't uphold protection orders.


Re: dramas

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 22:34:10

In reply to Re: contempt, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 22:26:58

and I know there are people who are caught in this dramatic sort of a drama. women who cry out about abuse so you put them in independent accommodation (with their children) and then after a couple days the guy has moved in with them (the woman phoned him up and invited him over) and they have made up...

and then the next night she's phoning asking for help to get away...

and then the next night she's inviting him over...

and there are of course complex cases like that. that are difficult. clearly the help that is being offered isn't adequate....

but it's important not to think that ALL cases of women asking for help is like that.

probably the vast majority is not.

but they over-focus on the cases that suit them.

like how most maori are not carrying guns about. most maori gang members who are involved in violent crime are involved in violent crime only with 'consenting adults' in the form of rival gang members. actual violence to non-gang members (collateral damage) is low for maori gangs.

there is something about raping a woman as requisite for membership for one gang... but i actually don't think that is the case... i think you are required to do sometihng to demonstrate committment to the gang... but i think that often is about serving jail time for a gang members offence for something you did not do (e.g., taking a 6 month jail term to cover for a higher up who would get 20+ years)... i think that is more the truth of it...

becuase, you know, the government is really really great at giving people a viable way of life outside gangs. haha.

those night school classes so they can train to become... paramedics. police. you know... good jobs for good people.



Re: lives matter

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:15:10

In reply to Re: dramas, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 22:34:10

in the protest in Auckland people were saying 'black lives matter' over and over... and i was standing there seeing the flag of the Black Power gang flying and the Maaori soverignty flag flying...

And I suppose I was a bit concerned that Maaori were somehow co-opting what happened to Floyd for their own political agenda...

And I yelled 'ALL lives matter' a few times...

And now I see / hear that 'all lives matter' and 'white lives matter' have been co-opted by people who don't think that black lives matter. Or people who think that black lives don't matter. Or somesuch... And so now you can't say 'ALL lives matter' or 'white lives matter' -- without people thinking you are racist.

I suppose it is context.

I yelled 'black lives matter' too. A lot. And I yelled 'yellow lives matter' a few times -- after I got some looks, I suppose.


I don't know.

I suppose it is context.

The people who have been saying 'white lives matter' most recently have been tearing down 'black lives matter' posters, and the like. So not saying it as a 'yes, and' but as a 'no, because'.

It doesn't feel so good to be afraid of / for saying the wrong thing.

I guess people are questioned, though, and have chance to explain / clarify / apologise for miscommunication. From what I have seen. So... Yeah.

I don't feel that it has co-opted things for a wrong cause for people to be concerned about police brutality and institutional racism. I think that focus has been good. New Zealand doesn't like to think of / see itself as being racically supremacist. But New Zealand knows pretty well that it is very nepotistic. I don't suppose they put those things together very well at all. And systematic oppression of... Well... Whoever you can get away with oppressing, really. I mean, if you can get away with stealing someones stuff then why wouldn't you?


Re: lives matter

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:34:06

In reply to Re: lives matter, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:15:10

oh... i yelled 'brown lives matter' too. because we typically say that Maaori and Pacific Islanders are 'brown' rather than 'black'. They are a different shade from African's or African Americans.

But I think full blooded Maaori were darker... I don't know.


Re: monuments / statues

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 2:59:05

In reply to Re: lives matter, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:15:10

People in NZ have started complaining about statues / monuments that glorify war criminals and the like.

To start with... Well... I wasn't sure...

But then to see the reaction of the Regional Councellors and the like... As someone pointed out 'the problem isn't so much them [the statues] it's them [the people sitting in the present council chambers]'.

And I suppose I remembered just how frequently people attempt to justify their appallingly morally corrupt actions by saying that such things are inevitable in order for a person to achieve anything at all. Etc etc. And I suppose I think that the statues of the horrible people who did horrible things are something that has fed into their mis-conception.

I thought the thing about 'Make America Great Again' was to do with national pride. Americans used to feel proud that they were American because of the things that America represented to them. The greatest freedoms and protections (laws) in the world. The greatest economy. Those kinds of things. And about how people aren't feeling so proud to be American, anymore. People aren't thinking that America is a seat of the best manufacturing in the world (things like Apple Computers and Levi Jeans) -- manufacturing is contracted out. Those kinds of things...

Then there is this idea that America only was as great as it was (used to be) because it exploited people. This idea that it is inevitable that one exploits a group of people (profiteers from slavery or from inhumane working conditions or whatever other exploitative practices) to achieve greatness.

That seems to be the idea of the statues celebrating war profiteers and slavers and the like.

So the cry to 'make America Great Again' could be understood as intrinsically or inherantly racist -- if racism is necesssary or intrinsic or essential to greatness.


I don't believe that it is.

People are short sighted. Narrow minded with it. Slavery and exploitation isn't any part of great-ness at all. It's an impedement to greater greatness that comes from equality and fairness and justice for all. Part of what made America great. Of course it could be said that it wasn't anywhere near as great as we thought it was with all that was going on behind closed doors -- and that would be true. That would be true. But to make America Great again, to make it Greater than it ever was before means to progress the whole freedom, equality, and justice for all to greater heights than ever before. I would have thought.

But now I think that it is important to tear those statues down. Becuase the short sighted narrow minded bigoted idiots generally do revere them as heroes and attempt to emulate their horribleness. Their defence is their f*ck*d up stupid thinking that such things are necessary or inevitable. Their believing that it is excusable. That others would only exploit them if they weren't the major exploiter of others.

Things are very very corrupt in New Zealand.

We are back to our same-old of selling visas to the highest bidder. I think we are calling them 'valuable investors' or whatever which is just another way of saying we are trading the health of our people to hte highest bidder.

I wonder how much a person with a positive Covid test would need to bribe a NZ official to be granted visa entry. I wonder what the dollar value would be.

The Universities are saying they can quarantine students in high rise student towers with only about 16 to a bathroom and shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Becuase, you know, that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

But of course they don't want the students who are about to graduate (they have no intention of signing them off) they only want to start brand spanking new students who will feel obliged to continue to invest in NZ for 3 years... 4 years... 5 years... 10 years.. How many years? To get signed off on their 3 year qualification??

We let 'essential workers' like film crews (because nobody in NZ is capable of operating a camera / acting for a camera clearly) in -- wiht family members. America's cup crew get to bring children -- and a nanny. All this is essential for our economy. Apparently.


Yeah, right.


Re: monuments / statues

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 3:03:29

In reply to Re: monuments / statues, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 2:59:05

Oh, while COok Islanders are treated as second class citizens and denied entry and while medical workers (e.g., a doctor needing to do gall bladder surgeries etc) is not allowed into the Cook Islands without quanrantine when apparently both Cook Islands and NZ are Covid Free.

But sure, we're not racist at all.


Re: racism vs nepotism

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 17:38:41

In reply to Re: monuments / statues, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 3:03:29

I do think racism is an extension of nepotism.

Because where racism is a problem... Classism is also a problem.

That is to say it isn't just that white people are horrible to people they perceive as non-white -- they are horrible to plenty of white people, also.

There are ghetto slums trailor parks and the like full of white people, also.

I read an article (I forget by whom and where it was published) and it was actually pretty good in laying out some of these things.

I don't mean to undermine the things that happen to people because of their appearance. Cops pulling people over because they are black (that doesn't happen to white people of any class)... Things like that...

But I guess I do think that the source of it all is in nepotism.

The idea that one is entitled to. That one is supposed to. That one is somehow morally required to... Work to advantage oneself... Or, if not oneself then the biological extension of oneself that is ones progeny.

In fact... I knew a philosopher who worked in ethics who said she was going to write a paper on how she thought that one actually had a moral duty to advance ones kids at the expense of everyone elses. She wasn't kidding, either.

Instead of working to the development of structures to ensure... Fairness. Equality. Justice. For all... People work to profit themselves and their progeny at everyone else's expense and to the demise of the overall project.

The pressure must be considerable.

When I was in North Carolina one of the Graduate Students there said about how she was really angry (still) that she had wonky teeth... Because her father was a dentist and he fixed up other kids wonky teeth for a living. And when she was growing up (and in fact still) she was very self-conscious about her wonky teeth. And she really really really really really wanted them to be fixed. And he wouldn't. Because he believed it was cosmetic.

And I don't know any more than that. If it was a case of expression of power... Withholding... For no other reason than because you can. Or if it was that he was so really very morally indignant about people having their kids undergo torturous procedures for purely cosmetic reasons (but he seemed okay to take their money to do that)... And his daughter wanted her teeth fixed...


Perhaps that isn't the relevant case, here.

I suppose it is more that a parent might be in the position to be on the Medical Admissions Committee and influence 'decisions' that apparently they have the God Given Right to make (because they don't simply accurately record (GPA x 60) + (UMAT or UCAT x 15) + (Interview Score x 25) for rank order place and offer places from rank order listing... Noooooooo. Their job is to make up what GPA they want people to have, retrospectively. To throw out applicants who rank highly enough for offer of place because they decided they were 'ineligible' so as to give the places to... People who bribed them? To their kids? To some combination of that...

And the idea is that if one has the power to do that -- why then that is what one should do. It is like.... If you are tutoring then you get free whiteboard markers and pens and stationary perks associated with the job. If you are on the medical admissions committee you get perks associated with the job like getting to pick your kids and the other kids that you don't mind your kids associating with and hanging out with. Right? It's your God Given right.


Apparently Otago needs to invest in an IT system.

First... Accounting software. So we can see where the money goes.

Secondly... Patient records. So we can see that the 'doctors' they 'hire' can write coherent patient notes. So we have a record of what they did, to whom, when where and why.

The most basic systems of accountability.

Then you can see if you can give them more money... To do things like hire competent staff to use actual goods in the provision of actual services...

Or if the situation is worse than Africa. Where for every $1 you give to the District Health Board to spend on Health they give themself pay rise after pay rise after pay rise... They arrange for the 'training' of their own children... They 'hire' foreign 'doctors' who have been struck off registers to practice various other places around the world (who will agree to work for peanuts and use no resources)...

What a f*ck*ng farce.


Re: racism vs nepotism

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 17:43:24

In reply to Re: racism vs nepotism, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 17:38:41

and of course now we are back to contempt.

I do hold them in contempt.

becuase their f*ck*ng idiocy. their stupidity. their narrow mindedness. their short sightedness. their moral wickedness.

is ruining things.

preventing development.

ruining things.

for us all.


Re: racism vs nepotism

Posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 20:19:12

In reply to Re: racism vs nepotism, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 17:38:41

Actually, from memory, I think she said that her father said that if she wanted her teeth fixed then she could wait until she was older and choose how she wanted to spend her money. So she could decide as an adult whether it was something she valued enough to do that.

And I think his take was that boob jobs (vs reconstruction) was indeed a similar thing and he would take a similar stance.

I think it matters. What he said about his rationale. I don't know how damaging it was to her... She did work in Ethics. She seemed smart / genuine / to have a moral sense. From memory. I mean to say that she told me that story and it got me thinking about things... Which may have been the point to her having told it to me...


Otago's 'Black Sale House'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 3:57:04

In reply to Re: racism vs nepotism, posted by alexandra_k on June 12, 2020, at 20:19:12

Apparently it's not 'Black Sale House' apparently it is 'Sale Black House'. Named after Professor Sale and Professor Black.

Yeah, right.

I didn't know the Scottish were slavers. I looked into that a bit once I realised Edinburgh was Scottish (not English) and so on...


Re: Otago's 'Black Sale House'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 3:59:23

In reply to Otago's 'Black Sale House', posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 3:57:04

Nope, it's right there under 'B for black'. Black/Sale House.



Re: Otago's 'Black Sale House'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 4:19:29

In reply to Re: Otago's 'Black Sale House', posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 3:59:23

Oh, why it's just a deeeeeeee-light-ful story

Chortle chortle snort.

Like the dentists in Mosgiel. I can't remember their names, now. I think one was Pane. The other... I can't remember.

Otago likes things like that. You know. Bakers called Brown.

It's sort of what happens when you have a new class of people thinking they are the chosen whites and making decisions on who gets to do what (just what seeeeeeeeeeeeems fitting for them) on the basis of random bull-sh*t like that.

I know full well they think they are being clever about the name.

Chortle chortle snort. Not very clever. And also: Not any good. Not any good, at all.


Re: Dundas Street

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:02:45

In reply to Re: Otago's 'Black Sale House', posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 4:19:29

I can't find who Dundas Street, North Dunedin was named after.

It likely was the guy who delayed abolition of slavery for 15 years.

That seems totally in line with Dunedin priorities to lag behind everywhere else for the primary benefit of the City Councellors and Administrators and a few chosen white people.

Pretty much wraps everything up with a neat little bow.


Re: Dundas Street

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:43:28

In reply to Re: Dundas Street, posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:02:45

and after laboring for 120 points = 1 calendar year = 1 academic year = 34 weeks (including the examination period)

it f*ck*ng well signs the student off.


good people can't do business with you.

your degrees aren't worth sh*t because you only sign off on the rubbish.

how much more retarded can our academic leaders be???

we don't get visiting scholars anymore.

anything that comes here gives talks written 20 years ago *because we don't appear capable of telling the difference*

but it's playing stupid.




welcome to dunedin

the elite white minority who play dumb-as so the people flee...

leaving them to their riches.

f*ck*ng psychopaths


Re: Dundas Street

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:55:07

In reply to Re: Dundas Street, posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:43:28

and the f*ck*ng retarded freaks are like 'well, uh, actually, we, uh, don't have enough money. i know it looks like the councellors and university administrators and the like are on, like 200,000 per year or 300,000 per year or 400,000 per year' (plus bribes and facilitation payments and the like) but really teh problem is that we don't have enough money. see, there isn't enough money. we just try and make it look like we aren't sharing the money around, but really the problem is that there just isn't any money.

there isn't enough of the things that money can buy. there isn't enough of it. people just don't produce anything.

oh gee.

i wonder why.


Re: Dundas Street

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:57:30

In reply to Re: Dundas Street, posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:55:07

we don't have journals
we don't have books
we don't have products of arts and culture
we have, like, 3 people with speaking rights
(revered for their talent the world over rofl)

oh gee

i wonder why

we don't have secure IT systems

we don't have skilled graduates

our doctors can't kill people fast enough...

oh gee

oh gee

oh gee

i wonder why


councelors and officials

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 19:56:15

In reply to Re: Dundas Street, posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 7:57:30

are really not liking...
are really feeling threatened by people wanting to remove statues of criminals and change street names etc.

i think because they honestly thought that the whole 'might is right' thing would mean that they would leave their own names in the history books. that they would be revered and honored as leaders.

they didn't think that... maybe like the last vice chancellor of the University of Auckland... one would be basically abhored as an in-bred (ideologically) racist who was a important part in the demise of the university. it's falling down and and down and down in the international rankings as people go 'what is so special about these graduates that you revere as the best -- and why is it that you will not listen to international blind-examiners when it comes to issues around when (and who) is signed off?'

you don't listen to international community.
you don't get your blind grading (peer reviewing) done on time.
the intenratioanl community imposes like-minded sanctions on your publications too.
and still.. too stupid to get it.
people stop coming.
we don't get smart and motivated and brilliant researches coming here anymore talking about what they are working on and telling us what they are having trouble with

so that we can get with the program

so that we can work on things that are meaningful

so that we can contribute to progress on the world stage

thanks VC. thanks... for holding back the development of your people.

how's your money? is it good? oh, wow, that's a relief. i know how much you love it. what is it that you plan to do with it, exactly? you plan on taking it with you... to hwere, exactly? where is it tha tyou think you are going to get to go??



the media has spoken: we 'rally'

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:03:27

In reply to councelors and officials, posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 19:56:15

we don't 'protest'.

we 'rally'

it's what we do. to spend money in the Auckland CBD. We arrive in time for a nice brunch at the new mall. Then we 'rally' our way from the civic centre (where the council lives) to the US consulate.

while being entertained by rainbow flags and somalian rappers.

with the blessing of local iwi who give a welcome and so on... becuase, you know, it would be racist not to ensure that such things are done with the blessing of a particular maori leader with speaking rights for all of their people.

like how each district health board has one (and only one) representative for all things maori. to ensure that one and only one voice will speak for all things maori. a voice carefully selected to ensure that one and only one will represent all things maori. will take enough money to support the whole tribe on behalf of the tribe. of course.

and then, after the brunch and the rally we can go off to the rugby!

how positively delightful!


i mean there's backwards... and then...

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:17:50

In reply to the media has spoken: we 'rally', posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:03:27

there's backwards.

we go from the US consulate to the council.

becuase the US banned slavery.

new zealand doesn't know what slavery meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

anymore than it knows what quarantine means when it thinks that international students staying 16 to a bathroom and 24 to a laundry are staying in quantine.

no speak english.

i f*ck*ng swears.


if it wasn't for the bribes and facilitation pay..

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:30:11

In reply to i mean there's backwards... and then..., posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:17:50

they wouldn't be so big on international students.

they hire people to specifially coach them / school them as to what to say on the visa forms. the number of times i've gone along to the in-person enrolment thing and seen how they coax the international students into saying x or y or z on threats of them not getting their visa approved.

so saying about their income 'the number will need to be a bit bigger... a bit bigger.. yeah, that'll probably do it'

and saying about the kinds of evidence / proof and whether it's likely to be requested.

basically... we have students and everyone knows they don't have much money. they are forced to pretend that they have a lot (or they will be thrown out -- at least that's what we encourage them to believe) and we keep them in inhumane conditions and refuse to sign them off.

it's f*ck*ng criminal.

and the loss of productivity. i mean GENUINE productivity. all these smart and talented kids who came here genuinely wanting to learn and wanting to contribute towards the development of good projects on the world stage...

and they are ruled over by the f*ck*ng idiots and inompetents who we choose to pay... uh... because they are idiots and they incompetents. best i can figure. they genuinely cannot believe their luck that they are paid quite well to do something they are not particularly capable of doing...

all they gotta do is seek out and destroy anyone more competent than themselves.

for the good of...


posterity. i guess. the monumnets they plan on erecting to themselves.

f*ck*ng yay.


the government took over

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 23:03:06

In reply to if it wasn't for the bribes and facilitation pay.., posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 21:30:11

surprise surprise.

they didn't like the way it was going with people ripping down monuments of their psychopathic heroes.

so they claimed to be rallying with the people.

not jacinda... she needs to be careful that her communiation style is a little 'too good'. she is coming across as beneficient dictator.

so they sent out the leaders of a couple minor parties (people who are benchers in government) so it sort of looks like they are putting pressure on government for change -- but they are actually within the government.

so there are no specific demands.

well, there's the demand that our police not be armed -- which they aren't going to be anymore.

but just watery stuff after that.

there will still be a black sale house and a dundas street standing for Otago's history (yeah right) of oppression and how they delight in being a godo 15 years behind the developed world...

for sure.

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