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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 1:30:22

Happy Thanksgiving.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving alexandra_k

Posted by jay2112 on November 29, 2019, at 19:35:41

In reply to Happy Thanksgiving, posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 1:30:22

Well, I don't mean to be negative....but I find nothing happy about it. I really hate Xmas too....yeesshh....yeah of course I am a BP'er.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:43:48

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving alexandra_k, posted by jay2112 on November 29, 2019, at 19:35:41


I started trying to make a list of things I was thankful for and I didn't get anything, either.

That's a bit sad, I thought. Not a single thing.

I don't see anything to be thankful for these days.

Corruption in New Zealand?

A group of people sitting around on hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars per year saying 'we have the discretion to do or not do our job as we see fit part of our job is being able to do whatever it is that we want to do and rules be damned and what are you going to do about it?'

And me just thinking that people have been killing themselves rather a lot, lately, in New Zealand.

And how the people are very hierarchical and survival of the fittest and choosing to conduct themselves little better than animals.

One of the public universities here is refusing to sign off on my Degree. Because I wrote about corruption and how they earn too much etc etc. And they decided to do their usual of saying I was required to re-enrol for an extended period and re-submit a thesis for another round of examination even when that is not what the examiners required and even when the examiners have kept my intellectual property for themselves and did not return it to me as they are required to do if they intend for me to re-enrol and re-submit a thesis again.

They just refuse to do their job.

And the Ombudsman refuses to perceive corruption.

I am remembering now something something about the Waikato District Health Board having perhaps the highest rate of involuntary detention / incarceration in the developed world or something like that. In the name of psychiatry, of course. Whole wards of people... Apparently the last Ombudsman or the present Ombudsman or whatever was all about that. I guess Waikato grew their business on his watch. He didn't see any corruption. I don't know how much money the government gives the District Health Board to detain all these people involuntarily. Of course don't get me wrong many people who want treatment don't get it. Only treat the involutnary is the kiwi way. Whatever you want... Needs assessment... Then exerting our power. Exerting our fun. Whatever it was you didn't want. Whatever it was you didn't need.

One of the Universities has admitted that they accept studnets to Medicine from no undergraduate Degree at all. That's right. They need to have completed high school. I didn't ask them to clarify what completing high school amounted to. Which year. Whether they had to complete a whole year. Or whether they just had to donate a sum to Hospice and tell the nice Anglican that you thought God would decide when it was time for people to go and don't worry he gets to read them their last rights on yoru watch... Probably with a will in tow...

And in this manner they select them... To work in the detention facilities, I suppose. To work for free for the District Health Board.

Because District Health Boards are more interested in funding tehir next pay increase than paying Doctors. You don't need to pay Doctors. People struck off registers overseas will work for free. Studnents will pay teh University and work for the DHB for free. The University won't sign them off... THey will just keep working for free...

Why hire nurses? You can hire a nurse assistant / aid with no nursing degree or nursing qualification. Why pay a nurse assistant / aid when you can get a person to pay the local polytech to do a course in it and thus work for the DHB for free while the local polytech never signs off on their qualification completion?

Why hire anybody at all?

Why not just let whoever do whatever to whoever and collect up all the money for yourself?

That seems to be the plan, indeed.

The country has been gutted.

I've just watched it being gutted since my return.

My friends taking sell-out jobs where they knew they knew they were paid quite a lot of money for doing... Nothing. Or doing... Dubious things. They took the money.

I don't know what meaningful work there is, anymore.

I don't see it...

It isn't good that people see me withdrawn from everyone / everything.

But I've been locked out.

People are pretending I don't know how to write a first year essay.
People are simply denying I wrote a thesis.

People are saying black is white and up is down and it keeps coming back to:

And what are you going to do about it?

This is a land of bullies, for sure.

If something isn't done then I have no choice but to leave, of course. And that is of course what they are trying to do. Again. Bully me away. So they can pass off / publish my work for themselves.

I've seen changes over this last year.

The country come to accept my thesis.

But where is my f*ck*ng degree?

It was a f*ck*ng one year degree. It is f*ck*ng well one year later and they are still trying to understand it??? What a f*ck*ng retarded country taking so f*ck*ng long to re-invent stuff the civilised world came to terms with centuries ago.

I am wasting my life in this hellhole of a swamp.

The people have been bullies.

Done everything they could to supress and oppress me.

To hide me. To stop me doing the things I love to stop me being the person I am. TO stop me in the things I value about me.

I do just want to get on... And get out.

There is no choice.

Getting out is not optional. Nobody can function in the environment they rule.

They are responsible for holding back development.

For oppressing tehir people.

For stealing their stuff. For stifling productivity.

Everyone is supposed to sit around listening to the people with all the money all the resources all the power crying about how nobody ever listens to them.

Happy thanksgiving.



Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:59:17

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving, posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:43:48

I wrote to the Queen.

Apparently my half sister wrote to the Queen. Because she was not doing so well. She was not coping. Beacause she wanted some help. So she wrote to the Queen and said something psychotic (not threatening or anything but delusional seeming) and someone from England on behalf of the Queen I guess contacted authories in New Zealand... Police, I think... And so then the Waikato District Health Board did an assessment and she was an inpatient for a time and she got some help and apparently she is doing better now and has a key worker and stuff.

So I wrote to the Queen.

To ask that the Queens Council prosecute the University for refusing to confer my qualification as University Regulations require them to do. I suppose there are many many other students. What happens is the University says that the student is required to 're-enrol and re-submit' routinely as a matter of course. It doesn't matter what the reports of the examiners say. I mean, reports of examiners always say make x and y and z change because examiners always feel the need to piss on a corner of a creative work (and usually there are typos or more references or whatever that can be done).. But the University always says 'you are required to hand over to us the maximum amount of money that can be handed over to us before we will allow you to complete your qualification'. They don't say that. But they DO that. That is what they do. Routinely as a matter of course.

And I didn't.

Because for Med they said you needed to have completed normally in the minimum time... And because last year they didn't calcualte my GPA according to their standard algorithm in an effort to exclude me. I was pretty sure if I took longer than the standard time they would use that as an excuse to exclude me. Because, you know, I didn't make the requisite donation to Hospice or St Johns. Because, you know, it is supposed to be random and a matter of luck. Because, you know, they want young and naieve studnets who they can get slaving for the District Health Boards for many years while the University refuses to sign them off on their qualification. Because, you know, the University will just keep failing you / making you repeat for the maximum time in order to extract the maximum possible fees...


If you balk.

If you don't keep your mouth shut and do as you are told...

Well then they will just not give you your Degree at all.


What are you going to do about it?

I think that probably what should happen is that the people who demonstrated unwillingness / inability to do their job should be removed from their job. Should pay back the pay they received while they refused to do thier job. So, the Dean. The VC.

If they can't replace them with people capable of understanding University Regulations then I guess they need to stop taking new students. They need to distribute the sign off of the current students to other places.

When Christchurch was bombed. Or when tehre was an earthquake or whatever whatever happened to it I think students were shipped around all over so they could finish up.

Something like that.

Maybe we do need more satallite universities from places that have the willingness / ability to do the whole Degree thing properly.

We just throw away our research outputs. Give them to external examiners. Refuse to lodge them in the library. Or only lodge them in teh library after marketing the students as retarded and incapable of working to time. After working the thesis into a post-modernist generated over-edited mush of ideas from everybody pissing all over it for 2x the standard time.

At least NEw Zealanders are coming to see why it would be irresponsible for drug companies to give our doctors access to the latest medications.

They just gutted everything.

F*ck*ng psychos


Re: Happy Thanksgiving alexandra_k

Posted by jay2112 on November 30, 2019, at 13:23:28

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving, posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:43:48

Hi Alexandra:

Sorry to read of your troubles in that freakin' crazy world of academia. I am in a similar boat. I now just figure I am going to study what *I* want to, not what the 'business' world, full of 'C' students, wants me to. I feel a bit lucky that I have a choice working on my grad degree. Many schools now allow you the choice to either a) do a thesis or b)do equivalent course work. And trust me, the course work is just as challenging as a thesis. Hopefully the Nimrods at your school get their act together.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving jay2112

Posted by jay2112 on December 1, 2019, at 12:44:40

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving alexandra_k, posted by jay2112 on November 30, 2019, at 13:23:28

BTW, we "celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada,and it is stupid. Celebrate the plundering and rape of our Native people!! Ugghhh......


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 6, 2019, at 23:57:06

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving jay2112, posted by jay2112 on December 1, 2019, at 12:44:40

didint have thanksgiving, but it was my fault, i should of contacted family members, it was my fault, and i got stuck alone. You don't let things like this, just realize have to learn to change, but deinetly happy thankgving to everyone 10 days late, christmas is just around the corner:)

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