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whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:09:57

The trouble with this country is that trying to do anything about corruption is like playing whack-a-mole.

People came through in a corrupt system and they now think it is their turn to inflict that corrupt system on the next generation.

There is thing about getting out... Getting out... Getting far away from here... If at all possible... The people here didn't get out. Weren't picked to go out. Or came back because they prefer it here, one can only suppose. Or, whatever.

The national feeling seems to be that I am good at something. I got out. I blew my opportunity. I'm back because I failed. So now they get to tell me that I'm useless at Philosophy after all. Not that I fell on my head, but that... What is anybody going to do about it?

The whole idea of philosophy is that the people who get to do it don't get to do anything else.

We don't believe in freedom to pursue your ends.

I thought Game of Thrones was good. I don't know why people didn't like it / found the last season unsatisfactory.

Maybe spoiler...

I was sick of the night walker stuff from the North. I wanted to see what would happen after that.

That seems about right.

And that is about right that the people who are good at things are reluctant because they understand the position as a responsibility.

I am sick of the corruption, here.

The corruption here that results in my being failed out of University in New ZEaland over and over and over and over and over precisely because they see I am a person with ability / potential / motivation and the like. Because they have decided to only further those who they like to Lord over. The kids who are too stupid to know they are incompetent or the kids who are good enough at sucking up / fearful enough to make them pretend they are rightful Lords and Masters.

Is there anything here??

I don't see it.

I don't see anything, at all.


This vast wasteland of nothing.

Rubbish heap of the world.


Time to stop sending all the sh*t here.

What's the plan??? Gamma babies to take up all the jobs you don't want to do overseas (hey moving up in the world at least they got out, hey!)

The 9 Generation plan / strategy.

And still... They keep breeding...


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:21:55

In reply to whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:09:57

we have our very own standards, you see.

i get failed out of first year population health (designed to be for 'first in family' university people) because they 'don't want a traditional essay' and they didn't ask me to reference properly they asked me to reference some different way because referencing properly is too hard. and they don't follow what i'm saying so that means that what i am saying doesn't follow and so on...

and it's all about 'how low can we go' when it comes to public health. who are the best of the public health degree people? do they get to be in charge of the nutrition programs and exercise programs and the like for the populations? we need to remember that the populations aren't very bright and these programs are targeted to the very dumbest and unhealthiest of all the people. looking after those people, ahem, targeting those people, public health is not for the healthy or the educated that would be inequitable!

and that is the party line that will see you passed.

and any suggestion that current approaches seem to be precisely what is entrenching inequalities will have me failed! because that is what it is to pick out your right hand man! you fail them and then they have no recourse except to follow you around all day crying 'i don't know what to do! it's too hard! write it for me! tell me what to write! please oh please oh please teach me because you know everything my soverign Lord and Master and i want nothing other than to hang off your arm for the next.. let's see... 2 more years to get throught the degree... only you failed me for compulsory courses first time around so maybe 3 more years... and then maybe you will give me good enough grades to scrape into the honours program... they will be terrible grades so i won't be able to switch into anything else... then another year of kissing up your *ss... only my stuff will get sent externally.... but externally in New Zealand so we are still all on the same page...

Eventually things go off overseas.

And we see: The New Zealand examiner says black is white and up is down. Everything is contestable. The New Zealand examiner don't got anything better to do than devote hour upon hour upon hour of misunderstanding and miscontruing and intentionally dragging things down.

f*ck*ng horrible people.

i mean...

how am i supposed to feel about any of this?

i am 40 years old and people will not let me go.

i think of Ronnie Coleman. 'Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder... But damn near nobody wanna lift those heavy *ss weights'. I think of chicken little 'who will help me sow the grain?'

I think of all these people jealous as f*ck at the thought that I might get to do Medicine. Why? Because they want to get to do it? If they want to get to do it then why don't they do the work to do it, then? Why don't they take some science courses (if they are employed by the University they can take those courses for free. They don't even have to get themselves into debt for it -- Like I f*ck*ng well did). It just turns out that they don't want to do it.

What they want is for me to stay hanging off their arm being Mother for them (the Mother they always wanted). For free. While not having any of the things that I need for my physical or psychological health.

People have this ideal of something that isn't psychologically plausible.

I guess they don't know how things work.

I f*ck*ng well resent that the world is about this above b*llsh*t crap.

All the energy and effort wasted... Destructive. Inability to focus on the right things.

If people love me why don't they let me have a way of life?

THey have their way of life.

THey should be happy I'm not after their way of life. There probably isn't room for the both of us.

Oh, yeah, I was just supposed to wait about them doing their work while they soak up all the money and spend it badly on garbage.

Biding my time until it's my turn to be them.

I'd rather be dead.


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:25:02

In reply to whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:09:57

feel better
feel better
feel better
no yooooooou feel better
yooooou are my might lord and master
i like nothing better than hanging about youoooooou
awwwww you are so looooovely
i just love hanging about yoooooooou!

can we do some work now?


you feeling ticked?

just a little?

goochie goochie goooo?

all about you!!!

just waiting on you!!

you ready???

can we do some work now???

no, boss.

you having fun...

but you you you you you...

never mind the fuckign job

the f*ck*ng job description

what's that?

where's that?

your job is to motivate and inspire medical students!


you think your job is to select the unmotivated and uninspired?

you think your job is to select those who find you motivating and inspiring?

you think your job is to select those who will have you feel motivating and inspiring...

goochie goochie go

how many more resources do we need to throw at you????


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:36:02

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:25:02

There's just something about you, Dean of Faculty of Medical and Health the Sciences

The way you calculate a GPA

The willingness with which you express your inability to read a transcript, in print!

Something that is...

What is it??


Inspiring, you say.

But well now that's what people want in the Dean?




I mean, the only reason why people would want to study Medicine is to be inspired by the Dean.

Someone who spits a big gobby hawk of corruption all over the selection process.

So inspiring!

Thanks, Dude.

Good luck with your future.


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:45:41

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:36:02

Because I should have been selected, three times over, already.

By their very own selection algorighms.

When I applied to Otago however many years ago... It was supposed to primarily be about GPA. And my GPA would have been one of the highest. I am fairly sure I would have had good references. I know I interview well. I did express concern about science. But if I was selected I would have been required to maintain a GPA across science first. Selecting me would have given me the chance / opportunity to do that. I did interview well. There was a range of criterion on interview and there was no way that my interview could / should have been a definate no on any kind of fairly applied objective criteria (that didn't consist in 'oh, that's so and so's daughter / grand-daughter, wife'.

Then I should have been selected from Auckland. The reason they failed me for first year population health was because that was the only thing they could do to prevent my getting a place out of that year. It made me ineligable to apply (because I failed a course). That was why they did that.

Then I should have been selected last year. So they miscalculate my GPA. So Waikato takes longer than regulations allow them to take enroling me, processing everything every step of the way...

It's a f*ck*ng farce.

It's a f*ck*ng joke.

It isn't me bringing disrepute to the profession. It is them. It is how the 'professionals' choose to conduct themselves. It is in the fact that they consider all of the above to be acceptable / allowable / commendable professional practice on their behalf.

It's a f*ck*ng joke.

How much money did how many overseas investors pay because they thought they would have the opportunity to work hard and have that hard work rewarded?

Rewarded by the system of reward that there is...

THey say how long it takes to do a degree.
What they expect from you.


But they don't follow any of that.

Nasty nasty nasty nasty people in charge of those at the lowest levels.

Nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty.

I mean...

What am I supposed to say?

When I grow up I wanna turn out just as nasty and spiteful and meanspirited as you?

Foetal alchohol effects is 'normal range' here. I think there is someting about inbreeding, too. I don't know what it is.

Is there really nothing here, anymore.

F*ck*ng horrible people.

I don't believe there weren't enough good and competent people to hire.

75 ish percent are... Malleable...

There is no place / room for me here


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:00:57

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:45:41

because where are the people?

i understand there is an element of needing to hide...

but where are the people?

they have had more than enough time to get to know me... if there are any people like me in the world at all.

is this a lesson in why it is that most people lack access to medicine. most people will not pay for medicine if they can spend the money on other things instead. most people do not prioritise the things they cry for for free. most people will have a kid to thrust out in front of them and take all the hits. a buffer zone on times being hard because they can always eat their kid or eat the resources allocated to their kid or whatever...

the nasty corrupt people of this world...

those in charge of the people at the lowest level.

the ones who say 'i only got to do this becaue of how nasty and corrupt i am'.

yeah, that's why they don't get any higher. i understand that.

i'm not a psychopath, however.

i can't pretend to FEEL something for them that i don't.

i can't look the Dean of the School of Graduate Research in the eyes and thank her for F*ck*ng me, either. Thank Dean for not doing your job. Thanks Dean for taking more than 2 months to enrol me, for considering me for scholarships I didn't apply for, for not giving me scholarship I did apply for (clearly GPA wasn't something that featured on the no doubt objective selection critersion for that). MMMMMmmmm yeah feels so good to see you deny that I submitted my thesis when I have courier signed delivery evidence.

Black is white and up is down and...

You want a pain killer, is that it?

I think it is.

These people are too f*ck*d up.

THis is why they don't actually want Doctors in tehir community. You need to treat people as people. That means not seeing the things they choose to do to the people they have power over. That means not seeing how they refuse to conduct themselves professionally.

The least you have to do with them the more you can imagine them to be persons. These wonderful agents. With high level cognitive powers susch as rationality and empathy and the like.

I know...

This is why we don't really see people anymore.

They are all hiding away.

It's not just philosophical... Zombies...

They aren't behavioral dupilicates.

There are little things they say that give them away.

I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. Joke. It's supririsng the things they will say.

Like there is nothing wrong.

I'm sure the selection people think there is nothing wrong with selecting for legacy or for who the biggeset suck up is. They think that's their job. THey have this special power to decide who the best are. To identify the best. To proclaim the best. Them and people 'like them'.

Who would rather spend their time in interviews with people sucking up to them...

Than all the other things one could be doing.

It isn't becuase you like people. Becaue you don't get to see them / get to see what they are really like.

Suck ups...

Tend to treat other people badly-- when they get opportunity. Right.

Suck up to me when and as I require it...


Or else.

What is professional or appropriate or commendable about that?


There isn't.

I'm done talking to them. There's none so dumb as those who cannot / do not. makes no differentce to me.


Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:12:11

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:00:57

it's all about this stupid thing of being the head of the hierarchy.

and this stupid idea that people have the medical doctors are the head of the hierarchy.

so if they kids of the tribal chief are to take up their places as medical doctors then this must be so in the name of equity. and the same thing goes for the criminals and vagrants who settled here however many generations ago...

and in a land with little to no regulation or accountability to follow regulation in action i suppose it is the case that medical doctors do whatever they want... with the help of the people they manage to surround themselves with, i suppose.

maybe allied health or maybe people get organised to anaesthetics and the like... but probably not.

there's too much infighting and squabbling always.

i do think it comes back to teh fact that people didn't get the mothering they needed. they require other people to regulate their emotions for them. they do not go away from other people in order to regulate their emotions for themselves. they are not able to hold an ideal in mind... the good of the patient or good outcomes for whatever procedure... it always becomes hijacked into making x or y or z (not the patient) feel better... in the moment... in some short term frontal lobes were hijacked by brute need that was not met... kind of a way.

and that's the basic situation.

and people cannot follow regulations. even when they might understand in some calmer place the reason for them. maybe. it's unclear. what i've seen people basically don't understand regulations.

people don't seem to know the job of government is to basically take this money the world bank gives it and create meaningful and sustainable jobs for the people. jobs being things that result in teh producign of goods and services that people value. not just a volume of crap that is inflicted upon people because they lack the resources to choose the things they actually like...

i genuinely do not understand why euthanasia is not legal. i know people say 'but then people will kill themselves and they might not otherwise and later they would be happy they didn't do that'.

but i don't buy it.

im 40 years old and i haven't really seen much reason to live...

the things that are meaninful to me. important to me. the things i work for. the things that i value.

people just sh*t all over it repeatedly.

will not listen to me.

i see how they rule....

they are interested only in the production of more... just like them.

to better inflict unhappiness and misery on people like me. that's what i see / how i feel about it.

i think each person should be able to decide for themself.

but of course people here don't have the basic idea / understanding of that that means.

our whole mantra: only treat the involuntary

the people in charge of here genuinely cannot tell / understandt he difference

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