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home invasion

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:37:54

people do not believe in privacy in these parts.
too many people have keys to my door and they believe that makes it their god-given right to enter my home whenever they see fit.
i had a young guy knock on my door the other day and say i needed to open the door and let him in to check fire alarms. he was the owner of the building and he had a key.
i pointed out that even if he was the owner (which i didn't believe since the building is worth several billion dollars and i'm pretty sure whoever scraped together those funds has better things to be doing with their time)... that did not mean he was allowed to enter my home without giving me appropriate notice.
the property manager eventually said he was not some random psychopathic bully con-artist... but he has been spoken to about how that wasn't appropriate...
then there are all these type written notices spammed about the building 'i am entering your property on Friday to check the fire alarms this is allowed under tenancy laws'
so i feel like i live in a f*ck*ng boarding house
it's not an appropriate way to notify people
we have no way of knowing whether it was posted by someone legitimate or posted by some random psychopathic bully con-artist...
so i point this out...

so someone comes into my home today when i am out (when my bike is away) and turns the key on my second story balcony. i don't lock it because the road is busy and people would notice someone climbing up it. i don't see that it is easy for anyone to climb up it.


the psychological equivalent of pissing in the corner.

just to show me they can.

it's psychologically threatening.

intentionally invasive.


it is part of why girls don't get to do research in paupa new guniea anymore...

i don't know if i can get a home security system on disability.

cameras and a noise alarm.

then legal advice on what kind of notice if required for me to be required to turn the alarms off.

and how much it would cost for me to take them to court for unauthorised entry.

one could waste ones entire f*ck*ng life trying to teach the equivalent of the dog not to piss on the rug.

only one couldn't.

because the dog is the one with the key.

every time.

i f*ck*ng hate this country.

i have a snub on the door which prevents someone using a key to turn the door. and my spy hole is up high enough so that someone would need to stand on a chair to reverse-spy on me. those were saving graces that i noticed when i viewed the place prior to moving in...

much 'security' in these parts is key card access. electronic. sometimes such that if the batteries are removed (easy enough) then the door simply opens. i could never feel safe living in a building access managed like that...

it is always the f*ck*ng case that people think it is their god given right to barge in...

when i was in dunedin i had statistics new zealand surveyers saying they had the right to enter my property and i had to talk to them and answer all their questions on how i spent my money for an economics survey.

i pointed out that while i was required to complete the survey - by law - there was no legal requirement for me to 1) let them into my home or 2) for me to verbally provide my answers to a person (rather than fill out a paper form myself). i ended up having to put trespass notices on my door with their name on it (and they would intentionally ignore that to shove a calling card under my door).

the police said i was required to hand them a tresspass notice (and not leave it someplace where we had established communication). i pointed out that i did not want to talk to the surveyer -- not even to serve them a tresspass notice...

i was harrassed by this particular surveyer for several months until they left me alone...

there is no way that professional households were letting these people in and telling them all about how they spend their money.

this f*ck*ng country is getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse...

if i didn't have the snub on the door i guess i would have to push up a table or something...

f*ck*ng people choose to live like animals and will not let others alone...

i suppose it is about not walking anywhere and keeping curtains drawn so people don't see me. then motorcycle gear and helmet on and bike ride out and away... no interacting. if people see a girl without some burly guy or a gaggle of people about always then it's a target. i suspect that's it.

i wonder how much it costs to have a security service to come out for when / if the alarm goes off...


Re: home invasion

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:39:09

In reply to home invasion, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:37:54

8 million. apparently. the building cost. and the renovations were somewhat intelligently done.


Re: home invasion

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:45:04

In reply to home invasion, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:37:54

i guess it lights a fire under my *ss to sort out the security.

i guess i want something portable so i can take it with me for when / if i need to stay in hotel rooms.

i suppose deterrant is the major thing.

go find an easier target.


Re: home invasion alexandra_k

Posted by beckett2 on May 23, 2019, at 22:39:44

In reply to Re: home invasion, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:45:04

There is something, I think. A portable alarm for over a door handle. I may be misremembering.


Re: home invasion

Posted by beckett2 on May 23, 2019, at 22:49:17

In reply to home invasion, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2019, at 6:37:54

Yeah, this:


Re: home invasion

Posted by alexandra_k on May 31, 2019, at 21:27:44

In reply to Re: home invasion, posted by beckett2 on May 23, 2019, at 22:49:17


So it prevents people walking in on you when you are home?

That is useful, but I would like something that I can set up for when I am out. So I can tell my property manager that if she gives me appropriate notice then I will turn the alarm system off.

I am looking into things...

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