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recreate and become new

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 14, 2016, at 0:09:03

so....i've been working on project with my personality, i don't hate who i am, but i realized that i have to change, become my own therapist, have a written detailed journal to defeintly does not happen over night, i tried couple times tricking myself ill wake up a new person and everything will be dandy, it has to be worked inside the behavioral and belief system of the brain, how you view life and situations, the mood of it, a new passion of how you see life....that's kinda of vague to say that, but create a new zest to feel alive, and persue passions, if you can't come up with some, use your childhood passions, self-awareness.....and then somehow finding that spark again to live at full and quenched everyday

things are not so bad right now, but i've realized im in a river motion just floating, going to school, listening to music, getting that drive of inner stimulus to go out and see things and have the energy to do it.....

hopefully it will be something in a few years to see if i moved ahead, not externally, it has be internal change to make a difference, if you have a the same gloom cloud even if you see the most wonderful places on earth, it won't really feel cool, all internal change needs to take place

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