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Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 1:07:25

accents are funny.

i'm trying to learn about new england.

and everybody sounds like a wise-guy.

it isn't that people drop their 'rrrrrrrrr's'.

i'm used to that. 'Carl' in Nz-speak is 'caaaaaaaaaalllll'. But 'Carl' in New England-speak is 'cwaaaaal'. There's a 'w' before the vowel.



Re: Baldur's Gate

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:17:29

In reply to accent, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 1:07:25

Surprisingly deflationary.

I suppose it was too hyped up.

I think it is probably true that a large part of the appeal of things like Fighting Fantasy books and Dungeons and Dragons and things like that, for tweens, was the dark elements. They were truly scary. Frightening. Evil. The evil aspect. Like on Harry Potter... Part of the appeal was that element. Scaring or frightening people was part of the sales pitch.

There was a bit of a thing with World of Warcraft... There always was less people who wanted to play as Hoarde. People are drawn to being good. In any game... In Minions of Mirth. The aim or idea or ideal was to have 2 starting factions. And they divided them along the lines of light-dark or good-evil. And people might dabble a bit in the evil or the dark... But mostly people want to be good. More people would play for more time as alliance or as good. People just... Want to be good. They do. They want to be the hero.

But then people are d*cks and steal the loot etc...

But still, they don't go be a shady character on teh evil team being explicitly evil... It's narrow opportunism.

Anyway... The whole evil pitch with Balder's Gate was just another evil pitch like there have been many evil pitches before...

With World of Warcraft there was supposed to be some big reveal that would make sense of them so they werent' just senseless evil. But then it turned out that there wasn't a sense that anybody found convincing or compelling and it was just a senseless genocide. And players didn't like feeling that they were joining a team that was senselessly genociding the night elves. Teh elves ffs. Awwwwwwwwwww teh cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute little elves. Ya big bully.

The court things are coming up. The lawyers are... Trying to confuse and obfuscate and delay and...

And I think it is a terrible thing that NZ refuses to prosecute corruption.

Auckland is trying to have the case thrown out before it starts.

I think they should have liability insurance. Then the insurer can go after them with respect to them being malevolent and not merely negligent. ANd with respect to them having refused to sort things out internally which resulted in the $30,000 of court case costs that it will likely cost them.

Otherwise.. Seems to me mighty negligent of the counsel to have never advised them to take out liability insurance in case they were sued. It's obvious that the University would be sued at some point. That's why the whole 'limited liabilty company' thing and that's why U Chicago didn't want to be too involved with this site -- right? Because they didn't want all the people pissy at Bob coming after them... Yeah... Clearly... Fair 'nuff...

Anyway... We'll see.

I'm going to go to the gym and put them out of my head as much as i can while I finish off my essays...

I really couldn't be more unhappy here.


Re: Baldur's Gate

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:34:18

In reply to Re: Baldur's Gate, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:17:29

> I really couldn't be more unhappy here.

And of course someone will read that and take that as an invitation for them to mug me or rape me or murder me or kidnap me or whatever. Because that's how people do.

I'm just getting garbage output from NZ, again. Garbage output from teh lawyers. Just complete garbage. Just that garbage... That the Universities were doing before. Teh garbage that they do when they refuse to process. It isn't that everything grinds to a halt. It's that there's a furious flurry of garbage that's generated or outputted.


I suppose I am supposed to think of it as an opportunity to work through stuff.

But it doesn't feel like that. It feels like trying to walk with someone where they insist on walking at 1/8th normal walking speed because actually the whole point of them is to ensure that you never get to your destination.

That's what writing a thesis feels like. You write it. Then your supervisor goes through and crosses out everythign you wrote and replaces it with everything tehy want you to write. So you go through and take you out and put them in. And then they start disagreeing with what they wanted you to say before so they start crossing themselves out and replacing it with new bits. And so you just take their dictation and cross out what they said and put in the new things that hey said... For how long, again? 10 years? Before they agree to get the work that they wrote for you to externals...

At which point teh externals get the work and think to themselvs 'oh dears, how long has this person been slaving on this work for?' Then they (especially if they are from NZ) go through it and say to take out this and that and the other thing... ANd to say this that and the other thing. Then get a refernce for this that and the other things. ANd they go through adn take the supervisor out and replace it with themself...

Then that goes back to the University. So then the studnet does what the examienr wants. So then teh Supervisor has a tantrum that teh student isn't allowed to do what the external wanted. Teh studnet can only be a mirror reflection exact copy of the supervisor only!!!!

So the people all agree the studnet will never be signed off.

No work will be produced.


Unless its such crap that nobody can be bothered interacting with the student anymore, of course. I mean... If it isn't fun for you re-writing teh studnets work maybe you'll sign them off becuas eyou want to see the back of them.

Once you are fairly sure that nobody else will work with them either.

It's the way of getting to the top. Being the best. Gunnign everybody else out of it.

It's what happens when they hire people who aren't engaged in research to supervise research. Who ensure that no research is done on tehir watch.


So the courts...



I'm wasting my life in this hell-hole.

People don't want to get with teh programme. They took the low road to growth.

They select the morally corrupt kids for med. The kids who have established history of cheating on examinations and paying those companies who give you the answers and so on. I think it's disgruntled Auckland employees and the like who sell the Auckland contents to third parties because Auckland doesn't pay them or whatever... So there are these third party things where some kids are being given teh asnwers to various questions and the like...

So they select the kids they know they can take to court later... Tehy can hold them accountable / responsible for their cheating. Most recently someone changed their transcript. That's why Otago started supplying them online. To try and encourage the studnets to falsify teh transcript.

Then, when they do, you take them to court. They are prnounced guilty. So then reputable places overseas will never hire them. So then they are forced to stay in NZ. So then they are granted name suppression and they are granted regisrtation and then they work the jobs nobody wants (there there feel better there's nothing I can do. Hey, want to buy an immunisation the government gave me to give to high need people that I decided to sell to the higheset bidder? Flu vaccine for you for $50??) Or... Otherwise... There is no job.

NZ intentionally sets people up to fail only.

I didn't falsify my transcript. That's why teh Universities started falsifying my transcript. I didn't cheat on my test. That's why they didn't grade my test.

The system went into meltdown.

There's really nothing here.

Most of the world. I guess.. It's just a sham...


Re: garbage garbage garbage

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:04:09

In reply to Re: Baldur's Gate, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:34:18

carrots, potatoes, cabbages...

so the VC of Otago is moving to Curtin, Western Australia.

In April of next year. So that means Otago plans to go... What's the word... Nuclear... on Medical Selections or whatever whatever thinking there will be no accountability for it's decisions because they can simply blame everything on Haynes on her way out.

Because I know how intelletually handicapped psychopaths think. It's easy, really, once you get into the spirit of it. You just imagine the worst of the toddler two's in a boardroom. Where people are ruled by those kinds of primal urges without higher desires or good worth ethic or frontal lobe function... MOrality... Aesthetics... Without any of that...


She says: Her restruture made the Univeristy resilient. Other Universities are facing losses now and needing to lose staff now. But the University she ran didn't need to lose any staff now. And they still made a profit.

I say: She forced massive austerity measures when that wasn't needed or called for.

She says: I supported teaching as well as research.

I say: You gutted research. Teaching didn't get better or more invested in it. YOu just didn't gut teachign teh way you gutted reasearch. But I'm not sure how you can even say that. You got rid of most of your programmes. There's no sport and exercise science. Most of the arts got axed. You decided it was cheaper to have 1 teacher teachign 1 course that was compulsory for everyone and you got rid of teh University. Gutted.

WHy do they want her at Curtin?

It seems that there is a pot of money.
Like there was a pot of money at Otago.
The gold rush. There was a pot of money.
They decided to set up a University and the wealthy people decided to buy themselves places and Degrees and titles and jobs tha tthey wanted.
They wanted their sexual abuse to be condoned so they called themselves gynacologists.
You get the idea.

So there is money at Curtin because of teh mines.
Digging the stuffs out of the ground.

Australia doesn't do much manufacturing. They sell the stuff off to overseas...
So people can make guns with it or nuclear weapons or whatever they do.

It would make sense that Australia would really invest in research.
A think-tank.
Get the manufacturing going...
A country that has so many high value primary resources.
But it doesn't.

There's something short term and grubby about selling it off to the highest bidder overseas quickly quickly quickly quicklky as you can quickly before someone figures how important it is to stop you...

SO Haynes is a person who you might want to send if you wanted to ensure that Curtin never developed a research capacity to actually use the high value resources that are being raped from teh land.

If you wanted to employ someone where to really hold back the development of Australia I couldn't think of a better person to do that...

I'm thinking more on teh Auckland VC, now...

Been trying to see what's up with her.. Make up my own mind.

She's been very low key. Not said boo, particularly. Has not said anything terrible. Could still be okay...

But the issue is tha tthe problem never is the person at the top, only. The person at the top is enabled and supported and coaxed into being the person tehy are by teh rest of the council. And the council that elected and kept the last guy around nominated this new lady. So...

So the rot's still there...

Just keeping it's head down.

Seeing what it can get away with on Medical Admissions this year...

To ensure that New Zealand does nto contribute anything to the supply of competent and skilled medical practitioenrs in this world. All the graduates of NZ Universities in virtue of them being signed off and acknowledged by NZ Universsities thereby proclaim to the world that they are not competent or trustworthy. That seems to be what being granted a Degree in these parts actulaly means. They only give them to the people who they think they have enough leverage over to prevent from practicing anywhere in teh world, you see. That's all. They only accept and allow the morally corrupt.

YOu hear people talk someitmes about 'virtue signalling'. Sometimes it's a bad thing.. LIke... Someone who is generous to a fault trying to virtue signal... Like virtue signalling is actually vice signalling... But that's just messing or mixing up the signal.

NZ only allows people who vice signal. It's like... You take a group of prospective doctors... THen you set tehm up in a situation... And it's like 'oh we won't bother to wash our hands / get consents / take the swab that may or may not biodegrade without delaying wound healing out of the patient'. And you see if they are like 'okay, sure, I'll just follow along' or if they do the right thing.

Then you only select in and sign off on the one who vice signalled.

And in this manner when you sign off on someone yo uhave a list of their crimes.

So then when they want a job... You know... To be paid for doing the job they are accredited to do... THey say 'well we'd love to pay you but we will take your accreditation away because of all your crimes'. So then the person is forced (if they want the titles and the money and so on) to comply with whatever...

Tis the kiwi way.

It is important to cordon these people off.

Invalidate their visa.

Prevent them from travelling.

Remove their desire to travel. New Zealand! We don't know how lucky we are! We aren't in lock-down at all! Freest country in the world!!

Our Prime MInister put the country into lock-down when it was unlawful. People complied becuase of a sense of social bullying.

And the people will vote for her, again.


Re: garbage garbage garbage

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:16:40

In reply to Re: garbage garbage garbage, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:04:09

carrots potatoes cabbages...

i will go to the gym and write my essays.

i think what i am thinking about the fact that there is this american doctor... who was prioritised for entry to new zealand while new zealand cizitens couldn't come back yet because there wern't enough places in quarantine...

i think what i am thinking about the fact that she keeps singing the praises, keeps singing the praises, keeps singing the praises of new zealand's covid response... is

good for her.


genuinely and truly. good for her. that's terrific. if she's being genuine... if she's actually valued here. if she actually feels that people hear her here and didn'dt hear her before. if she feels genuinely like singing the praises of here.. if perhaps she did not have very nice experiences of her time in new york before... then good for her. she's managed to obtain a life for hself and her family that she feels is better here. and so good for her. genuinely.

and so i need to focus on what is good about that.

people don't care about me. they don't care about what i've been doing. they care about what i see in them that i think is good or valuable or worthwhile. because people often feel pretty badly about themselves. about whether things have merit. about whether there is any good in the world at all... so if you see things you think are good and you can sing about them then you really really really relaly relaly really really should.

so i should focus on the things that i like with my essays. and try and keep minimal the things about why i don't have transcripts (GPA) this year and why i don't have test scores... because the worlds f*ck*d up and everybody knows it. i can say briefly about things i guess and it is hard to figure how to do that. but mostly they just wnat to hear that i like things about them that they like about them, too, and the things about me that i think they will like. why i think i wll be a good fit. why i know i will be. it's scary because i've been misheard for so long. but that's because i was not a good fit, here.

i feel so heard it's scary.

they've waived the calculus requirement for pre-med. tehy've waived the biochemistry laboraty requirement for pre-med. they've waived the medical entry test for med... and made step one pass-fail with respect to it's significance for the match.



Re: garbage garbage garbage

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:25:35

In reply to Re: garbage garbage garbage, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:16:40

of course just because a requirement has been waived or is no longer required doesn't mean that one shouldn't try and meet the requirement. it just means that the pressure comes off... it means i don't have to. i'm not forced to. i work better from love than from feeling forced.

there are some things slaves won't do.

some things slaves can't do.

happy artists...

things are required to feel freer...

it is funny. i do get a sense, at times, that there's that thing you do when you are talking to two year olds 'here are your three options and you can choose any of those three options that you like' and 'you can do anything you like in your degree -- so long as you pick a concentration' and then you look at the concentration requirements and you see 2 calculus classes... but you actually can make up your own concentration if you want so you actually can do whatever you want you just need them not to look like a disorderly stack of random papers... but that's on you...

and it just makes me *want* to *voluntarily* meet the requirements of a more stringent programme. because it provides more freedom than i perhaps think is good for me. which is good. better to feel like i choose a more moderate position for myself. maybe an environment set up to get arts people complying as much as arts people will comply...

hey if people actually are / seem happy enough to be producing happy arts stuff... one could so significantly worse... i can't imagine much better. truly.


Re: fake news

Posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2020, at 18:42:03

In reply to Re: garbage garbage garbage, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:25:35

and it's all fake news
garbage garbage garbage carrots cabbages potatoes...
the fake news stories that are written by post-modernist essay generator.
computer simulations of the news.
there are no authors.
there are no sources.
there are no references.
carrots, cabbages, potatoes...
it's all just hokey made up b*llsh*t.
all of it.
all the fake news.
all the fake news about the constant stream of ethical violations of the medical studnets
co-conspiring with the people who don't sign them off
because nobody signed off on them
struck off all the registers
or only registered here because they committed sufficient crimes for them to go:
you are one of us!


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