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goodbye education system

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:12:44

India is in trouble.

The caste system.

People who are competent don't want to live in India with the caste system. Those of the upper castes who didn't need birthright to get to do their jobs resent the incompetents who they are surrounded by who are only there because of birthright.

People who aren't of the right caste to do the things they have the capacity to do resent the system and want to get out.

The only people who seem to want it are the incompetents who have everything handed to them on a silver platter while doing absolutely nothing to earn it and while doing absolutely nothing to help the situation overall. Only freeriding and exploiting for their own personal advantage in a way that significantly holds back development.

So people want to get out of India.

And England.


Really rather a lot of places around the world.

Sounds like special buses take students to their examinations. Different testing centres. Sounds like really rather a lot goes into circumventing or hijacking or whatever the studnets having their work objectively examined by people who are attempting to test ability or whatever. A lot goes into cheating or whatever. At least that's what they market.

So much energy and effort and work goes into teaching rubbish and writing rubbish examinations and preventing people from becoming educated and preventing people from working towards anything worthwhile. Preventing the advancement of people who are willing and able to focus on the work.

Controling the resources. Keeping the resources. Keeping positions and titles. Keeping the focus on brownnosing. Sycophants. Singing praises all day.

We don't have a tertiary education system. They ruined it. It's about expediating the children of profesionals getting into their professional careers. Expediating the passage of that. Giving the kids of the professionals all the scholarships, even, so the kids with the most earning potential are the kids who don't pay anything for their 'education'. The system is about taking from the poor to give to the rich, in other words.

And those kids need support structures, too, because, you know, having all the money isn't enough. So the kids who brown nose and enable them they get picked to travel along for the ride. But you need to realise that your presence is only tolerated becuase of your brownnosing and sycophant ways. You are required to always focus on making them look good and checking they are happy and they know they are the best and so on. Making sure they don't ever realise that they aren't that great at what tehy were chosen to do and they never get to properly realise and pursue what it is that they want in life.

Because we like this system whereby 'only the incompetent and inept' get to do anything, anything, anything at all.

These are the people they put in charge of selections. The ones at the lowest levels. Making sure that people like me never get to do anything.

They refuse to do their job.

I read something that said there really wasn't all that much admin work to be done at Universities. But then they couldn't justify their pays so they made up work for themselves. THings like graduate research committees where they take their job to be to set the standard of research work that is required by students and where it is their job to examine the reports of the examiners and make examiners 'keep working' and 'write another round of reports because your last ones did not understand the standard we require at this University'.

Don't you understand: Your university is sh*t because you devoted yourself to keeping bums on seats for the maximum possible time because when you double the size of the research school you get to feel important and you parade that as an accomplishment and feel it justifies the size of your salary.

But you quit doing the job of helping and working with students to get the highest quality thesis they could do in the time there was.

You pretend to be too stupid to understand that 120 points work is 1 year of work only.

You don't get to collect up fees. Refuse to do your job. Refuse to enrol a student the following month (Calendar says thesis applications due 1 month prior to the intended start date). Refuse to send a thesis submitted for examination out for examination (we will not send a thesis out for examination such that it is possible for students to complete a 1 year degree in 1 year only). Send it out for examination for the WRONG DEGREE. Send a Masters thesis out for PhD examination. And then (if that wasn't enough) refuse to accept the reports of the examiners and refuse to base the outcome of examination on their reports.

Basic f*ck*ng reading comprehension: Fail.

How much money do they get paid by way of refusing to do their job and refusing to hire people who do their job?

What a f*ck*ng sh*t show.

It's criminal.


Re: goodbye health system

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:22:32

In reply to goodbye education system, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:12:44

we have something like 20 district health boards in a country that is the size (population) of city of Sydney or the entire population of the state of North Carolina.

In a country of only a few million people we don't have a national health system: We have 20 regional or district boards. Each board has around 11 members.

how much do they get paid?

Why, that's why we can't afford to hire doctors, nurses, cleaners. That's why the people don't have access to medications or procedures. Because by the time they take their cut there isn't any money left.

What do they do all day?

They 'bargain' between themselves (some people are on the district health board of more than one region) for the provision of services. So one district health board might contract out colonoscopy to another district health board, for example. Because they don't have colonscopists.

Since they don't want to pay doctors (or nurses or cleaners) and they don't want to pay for medications... We have things like pharmac so we can tell our people that 'we couldn't get that from the nasty drug companies' (when we basically refused to pay a price that was fair in favor of pay increases for the board).

If people want to come here and pass themselves off as doctors... For minimum pay... Why, we are keen to have cheapest doctors ever!

The worse their reputation overseas the cheaper they are for us to hire.

If they are bad enough (and come from rich enough family) they can basically pay us to come here and do whatever they want to our people.

We are a very attractive tourist destination, indeed.

It makes it impossible to do good work, here.

Because of the grubby grubby grub grub people who insist on being head of the tribe for as long as they can get away with it grubbing up all the money grubby grub grubbity grub grub while ensuring NZ only ever develops backwards.

F*ck*ng sh*t show.


Re: goodbye health system

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:35:02

In reply to Re: goodbye health system, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:22:32

We only want to pick the people who don't have basic reading comprehension and who aren't able to parse manufactuers instructions and who aren't able to read international guidelines.

We only want to pick the people who brownnose to us all day condoning what it is that we are doing. We only want to pick the people who are interested in grubby grub grub grubbing up all the money at everyone else's expense. We are only interested in the people who buy-in to our ideology of 'either you join us -- or you will have absolutely nothing in this life. We will fail you. We will malalign your reputation. We will force you to beg for the most basic of resources'. Grubby grub grub grubbity grub grub.

We don't see any corruption!


We only want to pick the people who are too stupid to know that 1 year of work is 1 year of work. We only want to pick the people who will 'yes sir no sir anything you say sir. I will work for you on 1 year's work for the next 5 years taking government loans to feed to you each and every year for your pay increases for as long as you want for as long as you want for long enough so that you *genuinely feel* that *I am just like you* and you will refuse to sign me off until you believe that I am only interested in doing the same (or worse) to the next generation'.


Which is why they can't find external examiners to examine theses.

They are told 'gee, we'd love to help, but we're too busy' (to have our time wasted writing 2 x the examiners reports because you will will refuse to do the things we say in our reports and sign your f*ck*ng students off, already'.

Because you look at the quality of the thesis that took 10 years to write and you look at the quality of the thesis that took 3 years to write... And (if you don't know who the kids is or how long they had been working) you can't tell the difference.

That's the point of objective and independent examination.

You get people like Gould or whoever and they produce... How many articles every year.

And then you get people who aren't allowed to produce a thesis until 10 years have passed.

Nobody is allowed to do any work, here.

Only the people without the capacity to do the job are picked to do the job. Their birthright. Or their brownnosing / sycophany to them.


Apparently we need to be enrolled in a medical school to sit the Step exam.

We will offer places in our medical school to the leaders of tribal chiefs overseas (in exchange for them training the kids of our leaders, I suppose).


I was listening to the sociology stuff on Khan Academy. The curriculum is clearly underdeveloped. Very much so.

THey were very keen to teach a theory whereby disorganisation or lack of organisation was the source of evil. That evils were the result of lack of organisation or disorganisation. A by-product.

But I see that there is much energy and effort and work that goes into ensuring that things are disorganised and so on.

Organisation and increasing complexity is the developmental default.

It is.

People work very very very very very very hard in holding back the development of their people.

They work very very very very hard in making sure that their people have no option but to focus on them focus on them focus on them focus on them on doing what they want and on meeting their needs and focus on them.


Re: the oppression of peoples

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:49:09

In reply to Re: goodbye health system, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:35:02

they work very very hard to make sure that smart kids don't have access to educational resources and quality examinations that test high quality content.

they work very very hard to make sure that those systems don't take off or catch on constantly trying to hijack them for their own personal advantage.

people basically devote their life to being kamakazee pilots...

it feels like living in a war-zone, here.

i don't see people doing their jobs.

i returned to NZ because i thought we were a first world country with a first world education system. Auckalnd markets itself 'by natural ability and hard work' not 'by nepotistic advantage and dumb luck'.

- they told me to take 1 year to prepare for health science first year to do a chemistry paper. they did not tell me to get hold of cambridge curriculum and work by distance towards international examinations because that would be the best prep. they told me to pay money to the universiyt and the univerity would prepare me.

- they did not allow me to enrol in a 'foundational program' that appears only to be to expediate the medical and law degrees entry for children of tribal chiefs where the tribal chiefs don't want their kids having access to (or working towards instead of brownnosing to them all day) chemistry curriculm and high quality books to read for development of literacy etc. so the foundation program expediates those kids into unviersity entry when they would not pass / could not pass / were not allowed to do high school.

- they failed me for population health essays (on equity) because i clearly had the capacity to work to international standards: which makes their chosen kids look bad. I was supposed to focus on making their chosen kids look good, only. That means not doing my work properly. That means plagarising. I would only be considered for selection if I copied / plagarised lecturers powerpoint slides (so the classes essays would be the same from that common source) or accepted their line by line copy editing changes of my work (ditto on the plagarism).

- They refuse to process my application.

They are saying that they refuse to acknowledge grades earned from NZ Universities what were earned more than 5 years ago.

In other words: NZ Universities have set about refusing to acknowledge their very own degrees.

THigns have become more and more and more corrupt here over time.

The problem: The university leaders and the like have PhDs from NZ Universities. If they refuse to acknowledge degrees tehy are undermining their own authority.

There are no shortage of incoming incompetents... Who feel they have done their time biding waiting biding for their chance to inflict only worse on the next generation.



Re: the development of maori

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:58:11

In reply to Re: the oppression of peoples, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:49:09

give the tribal leaders resources.

watch the sh*t show ensue.

there are maori graduates. we gave them degrees. it would be inequitable and unjust if the kids of the maori leaders didn't get to do law or medicine degrees. engineering degrees. i mean, the kids of the white leaders get to do these things. that's what equity means.

so we have all these people white and brown all equally incopmetent sharing the resources for the ongoign oppression and harm of their people.

ooh goodie.

this is progress apparently.

maori are developing apparently.

they have doctors and lawyers. i'm not sure about engineers. i don' tknow bout sanitation systems and climate controlled healthy homes.

but then i don't know about access to medications and things like that either.

it's just a way of ensuring they don't have access to x. they say 'sure you do this the guy we pay a fortune to for his grand title of 'doctor''.

and the person is only paid to ensure that nobody gets that on their watch.

they pick out a maori boy to train as a cancer surgeon. colonoscopy. only they pick someone who clearly doens't want to get their hands dirty. someone who would clearly be more at home on a dictrict health board than cranking through colonoscopy's and doing occasional surgery. i'm sure they will make sure that his expeience in the operating room puts him off operating ever. i'm sure they will make him feel like sh*t feeling like he was picked to do a sh*tty job. etc etc etc.

so that he will end up being paid a lot of money to make sure that nobody gets colonoscopy / timely cancer care on his watch.

that will be the outcome of the process of training that he has been selcted to do as an ideal candidate.

he was picked to do it not becuase he was incompetent / inept to do it... but becaues he would be trainable to ensuring that nobody gets to do it on his watch. he was picked to ensure that things would be worse for the next generation.

he was picked to try and have it so that maori wouldn't want healthcare. wouldn't want surgery. wouldn't want colonoscopy.

the members of the health board want the governemnt to hand over all the money to them in teh name of 'healthcare' while providing precisely nothing.

just a chunk of money for htem to squabble over how they are going to divide it up amongst themselve.

that's all there is.

squabbling over dividing up a bucnh fo money amongst themselves.

like when you throw a pile of something at the pigeons and they clamber over each other to eat more than everybody else.

and there is no normal pigeon behvior. just this squabbling over resources.


Re: the development of maori people

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:06:16

In reply to Re: the development of maori, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:58:11

And of course there are many people who happen to be maori -- and it's not their fault. they didn't ask to be born maori anymore than i asked to be born whatever i am and so on and so forth for all the people that there are.

But the cultural thing is something else.

Like the cultural thing of 'New Zealander' where we market / advertise ourselves...

- Flight of the Concords. There is a lot of truth in that show with respet to how we market ourselves. The Kiwi. A flightless bird. Defenceless against predators. Naieve... Simple. Inept, in some way. Incompetence. It is disarming... (But we are child abusers of our very own children behind closed doors).

So the white people market this as the white people way... Ineptitude and feigned ignroance and brownnosing.

And then of course rugby... Warriors... Then the whole ''Once were Warriors'' thing about what life is like for lots of Maori. Father in jail. Abusive homes.

And then of course the whole Eminem style poor white people...

Equity is supposed to be about how the Maori are not achieving flight of the concords style of 'making it'. That's what it is to 'make it' in NZ.

There needs to be ineptitude / incompetence on the world stage.

But flgith of the concords made it big, in NY.

But they lived in the periphery and were friends with Raj the Indian dairy owner. Being taken advantage of (unwittingly) by Austrailians...

Poor us. Poor us. We are harmless...


They didn't show anything of the harm that results from having an incompetent diplomat who doesn't do his job in NY...

In NY...

Or any other country...


''Special Interview''

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:16:38

In reply to Re: the development of maori people, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:06:16

When you apply to the Univeristy of Auckalnd online you have to fill out 'optional' fields -- or you cannot progress your application to submission.

You can ask for paper forms -- but there is a rigmarole. New Zealand likes to prevent peopel from having access to forms. It is a way of locking people out of processing / refusing to process.

I can't submit online appliation forms, anymore, they refuse to process my stuff.

One of the 'optional' questions is about your parents occupation (whether they are doctors or have PhD's). Also what you were doing this time last year (whether you were in secondary school and which school or whether you were on welfare). You know, so they can decide which (if any) program of study you get to do.

Anotehr 'optional' question is your tribal affiliation.

THey also ask if you have any scholarships / who your financiers are. If you have some charitable trust set up for you of or your people paid the medical selections committee $70,000 to offer you a scholarship to the value of $5,000 if you were slected for that program, or however that works.

They also ask you about disability status.

Best I can figure the function of disability status is to expediate selection for favorable (profiting those who already have the most advantage) to selection 'in the name of equity'.

And otherwise, it's a way of ruling out otherwise qualified candidates.

You can say you have disability but are seeking no accommodations. Then you have put a target on your head. Because of the whole only selecting the incapacitated brownnosers thing they go tgoing on.


Medicine offers a ''special interview'' to Maori kids. I'm notn sure if the ONLY kids who get selected to study Medicine are the kids who received favorable ''special interview''. This is to say I am not sure if they decline applications from kids who say they are Maori who do not request ''special interview'' (who wish to be selected via standard pathway) and / or I am not sure if they decline Maori kids who are ranked poorly in ''special interview''.

There are lot of Maori tribes. Does each tribe have representatives on the ''special interview'' selection committee?


I say this because I found it odd that when I was interviewed last year I had a Maori kid as my 'buddy' (leading me around the interview stations). I was thinking 'but I didn't apply for a special interview -- why are my interviewers seeing me being led into each interview station by a Maori kid?'



Why can't we f*ck*ng try and do things f*ck*ng properly for the f*ck*ng good of us all?


Re: ''Special Interview''

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:21:23

In reply to ''Special Interview'', posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:16:38

Oh, but I am incompetent and inept.

I mean, I couldn't complete a 120 piont Master's (MPhil) thesis from the Univeristy of Waikato.

I mean, the University of Waikato doesn't exactly crank out a bunch of high quality research output such that external examiners have the luxury of raising the bar / standard on the work that is produced.

Silly silly silly silly girl, the examiners don't decide the standard that is required for a Univerity of Waikato graduate.

The Univerity of Waikato decides that they will only pass people who believe that the only way they have a way of life is to focus their attention on undermining and preventing the natural progression of other people.

This is the end of the thread.

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