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Lou's Little Shoppe

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 26, 2013, at 0:43:01

The door is always open. The need that I see is that here are people that are shackled to the drugs that they are taking, trying to get through the withdrawal. And I see that as a good sign. You see, it has been revealed to me how one can get through the withdrawal and be set in a new realm where all things are new. In other words, one can go back to the time before they took the drugs and be free from addiction and depression.
You see, it has been revealed to me that one is translated into this new realm by great tribulation. And one goes back to when they were a little child. This is what is happening to those in withdrawal. They have a head-start. They are on the dark side of the road now, but The Sun of Righteousness will arise to give healing rays and rejuvenate one to the new life.
There are conditions for this to happen. I have come here to reveal these conditions so that you could have a new life, free at last. Gone will be the fear of the drugs killing you. The light from the Sun will dispel the darkness. This light will expose The Great Deception. This light will brighten your path so that you will see what others do not that are in the darkness. There will be no man to fear. You will be a king. A king with a Crown. The Crown of Life.

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