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September 10, 2020

Posted by rjlockhart37 on September 10, 2020, at 13:27:17

this year and and previous i have never seen so many bizare events happen, it's unimaginable whats going on. Like i said, i have, ever seen someething like this.....US school systems shut down, online classes, everything has changed. This thing called The Great Awakening, but society here is never going to be the same. All those years of remorse of not going to a university, having alot of friends at parties, all those aspirations, that never got fufilled, now are no longer happening. Whole system has changed. When i got out of high school, i went to TCC i wanted to be an investor, later on someone took me off alotand i was stuck in this boat of not knowing where to go. 2007-2015 didnt know what to do. For a while now, there is online careers in coding, and IT. I don't know what to do, things are changing in the world, all those aspirations from out of high school, well they could of happened, but in 2020 that would of all changed. But still i feel that remorese, and longing of things i never accomplished. That deep feeling you have a night, of having to let it go, and start from a new stand point. Starting over, that's a common term....even if i did, i would still have that deep secret of remorse. Even after things sky rockted. The thing is, a common term is get out, do something, start your life. I've done that, and had many failed attemps, it seems really if i start something again, with no exaggeration it will start but will fail. That's not a cause+effect belief system. Anyways, moving on, it's 2020- and im sure later in these years are going to be many other changes, so i might as well, you know....make something, be a part of a cause. I give advice, and work on a cause. I don't know what to do. Being given an oppurtunity, living in a controlled home, with almost no freedom when im an adult. I need to move out, they say you have to get a job, save up money, get an apartment, live life. I can't do that, no matter how much exaggeration or excuse, i can't hold that, or maintain it. Like someone would have to over see, things, manage medications, a place to live, a job everyday. Things are not the 1950s anymore, the gov knows alot about people, and you know that's least a profile on what their activities are. Like learning to manage my own life, it would difficult, would need help from person or company or anything. My family, move into the world and find families. Anyways, im done. Staying complacent, action = success, what im saying is every time action = failure, everytime. I don't know how to explain it. Anyways enough this rambling. This world is changing, the whole system of it, new order, new regulations, everything. Maybe i could do something, but right now as i write this, i don't know, and not say im going to, then don't do it. Ok enough this gibberish

I'll finish this, the world, the whole system is changing, never seen things like this before. Get ready for change, because it is going to happen.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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