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Re: opting out of education

Posted by alexandra_k on August 4, 2020, at 0:36:05

In reply to opting out of education, posted by alexandra_k on August 4, 2020, at 0:16:45

and these people holding these jobs appear to be given chunks of money to basically ensure their job is not done.

that appears to be the idea. the ombudsman is the ombudsman becuase he squawks 'i don't see anything unreasonable about anything that anybody would choose to do i don't see anything unreasonable at all!' and so he gets paid. and apparently he's beyond question, or something. he's indepenent. he's the independent watchdog which means he can do whatever he likes (so long as what he likes is to say he doesn't see anything unreasonable, he doesn't see anything unreasonable, at all).

and the government arranges for his post. and hires him. and there is no accountabiltiy mechanism to ensure he is and remains competent at his job.

apparently you can't file for monetary damages out of a judicial review. you can only file for the original decisiont to be reversed.

so that means, what?

that every time there is a piece of assessment the faculty decides to fail me becuase, well, becuase why wouldn't you if you thought you could get away with it? and this country really seems to have so very very very much fun with making sure that i don't get to do anything anything anything at all. nobody does anything at all. either you become part of this whole not doing anything at all together we are all incompetnet and inept and corrupt together thing or else teh incompetent and inept and corrupt people will really set out to oppose you every single step of the way.

so every assignment. failing grade.

and then what?

judicial review?

the universities here don't appear to be fit for purpose.

they gutted them.

i suppose there is something... failure to perform a statutory function.

it might be that.


the legal basis for the loss of earnings.

because they decide that they would prefer for me not to proceed to professional career here or anyplace else in the world.

because, you know, they have more teenagers they'd like to abuse who aren't competent to be promoting them and so on...

so you get the court pay-out and you go.

i guess that's the idea.

since i returned to new zealand.

before i left new zealand...

who helped me become a self-sufficient person in new zealand?

as opposed to attempting to exploit me and undermine me for their own personal advantage at my expense?

who did?

who does?

there really isn't anything here for me.

not even the most basic professional courtesy.

i mean people won't get process anything i do. any of the work. any of the forms. the theses. anything...

i wonder how many people are on pay-roll precisely so they NEVER do the thing they are competent to do. i mean, how many people are paid out consultant salaries to never set foot inside hospitals. paid out for loss of earnings because new zealand refused to allow them to function. hires and allows people to work who are incompetent only.


what am i supposed to think or say right now?


waikato did not do ANY of the things they were supposed to do.

they didn't enrol me in the calendar specified timeframe.

they didn't start my enrolment the day i started supervised work.

they didn't send a thesis submitted for examiantion out for examiantion AT ALL

they sent a masters thesis out and instruct examiners to write reports for 'doctoral examiantion'

they refused to base the outcome of examiantion on reports of examienrs.

they issued a letter saying i was required to pay additional fees and re-enrol and undergo another round of examination otherwise i would never complete the degree.

that's a demand that if i refuse to pay a bribe they will not sign me off.

they subsequently generate junk invoices where the numbers do not add up

they alter my transcripts to change details on programs of study already conferred. they alter the amount of time i was enrollled. they alter points values on qualfications.

they falsely record that i was failed for the degree when that is not what either of the examiners wrote in their reports.

i exhaust university complaints resolution.

i contact the corruption hotline to report the demand that i pay a bribe.

i contact the police to report the demand that i pay a bribe.

i write to the minister of health about how the public university refuses to do any of the things it's supposed to do. point out that acaemic freedom to work to international standarsd is in our statute as a requirement for universities. if universities don't do it then it is in the statute that the minister has the authority to request them to be shut down.

they shouldn't be allowed to enrol students and invoice them for degrees.

they aren't awarding degrees when people have met the requirements for them.

they aren't awarding scholarships, etiher. supposedly academic merit based scholarships are not getting to the students. if they even are awarded to anyone at all.

studnets are bullied out of submitting and are failed for submitting. if studnets don't agree to work in excess of requirements (so work off the record, outside enrolment periods etc) then the university simply fails them or refuses to sign them off.


shut them down.

they aren't doing it right.

so f*ck*ng backwards.

so f*ck*ng backwards.

so f*ck*ng backwards.

why don't we have secure software systems?
why don't we have software systems?
why don't we have doctors?
why don't we have lawyers?
why don't we have engineers?

pick me! pick me! pick me!
abuse me!
i'm only here for the gratification of the council!

sqawk ! squawk wahoo! more money for us!! more money for us!! we win! all the money for us! all the money for us!!

as they drown in the stench of the epidemic.

it'll be here, soon.

i wonder how much longer before the bodies start piling up on streets.




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