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opting out of education

Posted by alexandra_k on August 4, 2020, at 0:16:45

it has been interesting, somewhat, with the Covid thing to see the supposedly first world developed democratic nations basically opt out of education.

that is to say opt out of even the facade of having their students be externally examined on the basis of merit in an invigilated exam context.

instead... basically asking teachers to simply pick the kids they like the best or pick the kids whose parents paid the most bribes or whatever...

and more in particular, make sure that the kids from 'under-privaledged' schools damn well stay there. so certain schools pick up the worst grades for more of their kids.

it makes a farce of the whole thing.

if doctors aren't doctors because they are knowledgeable and bound by codes of conduct.

it lawyers aren't lawyers because they are knowledgeable and bound by codes of conduct.

if nobody is.

if society is simply over-run by psychopaths.

if society is simply run by over-run by run by people who are focused on getting ahead getting ahead getting ahead kicking other people back and down getting ahead getting ahead getting ahead...


just committees and board rooms and meetings full of people all focused on getting ahead getting ahead getting ahead...

no actual provision of anything.



there's nothing here. there's nobody home.

apparently it's not the government's job it's not the ombudsman's job it's not the tertiary education commissions job it's not the human rights people it's not the fraud hotline it's not amnesty international it's not anybody's job at all...

to stop our public education system being over-taken by money grubbing idiots who run on bribery and who don't actually allow anybody to work to international standards, at all. it's just a detention facility holding studnets for as long as they can becuase they can...

whole the output of the nation is...



with only about 3 people having speaking rights.

we don't want to have a public education system.

it's just about picking the teenageers that the elite officials would like to abuse.

that's it.

there's nobody home.




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