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Re: anti malerials and anti retrovirals

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 22:34:18

In reply to Re: anti malerials and anti retrovirals, posted by rjlockhart37 on April 28, 2020, at 19:33:36

Plague is a bacteria. Yersinia Pestis. Can be treated with anti-bacterials. But there is a vaccination for that, apparently.

It must be really really hard to try and provide a single unified message that is appropriate for the entire country of the USA. When what is going on is very very different depending on where in the USA you are.

I mean... I understand that people in NY need hope. To see light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe to have a little faith in something. To feel like there was something they could do. To get that placebo effect really working in overdrive.

And a message to them can be mis-understood by a podiatrist working in Kentucky. For example.

Or a district health board approving hospital trials in New Zealand. Grr.

(To be fair I shall admit I do not know what I am talking about about in that last line / sentance or two -- but I have very very strong concerns)

I know there is a lot of hope for a vaccine. I don't know what to think / I don't know what I think.

To be honest I don't see anything at all where I am from.

Only what appears on my computer and claims to be news from around the world.

That is accessible to me. Right now. With the logins that I have access to.

It could be that this particular CoronaVirus just kind of peters out the way that Ebola did and MERS and previous SARS. I mean... I think they are still kicking around, a bit, but I don't think vaccination featured highly in their solution. I don't know.

I think people want to feel like there is a solution. An end. A vaccination will be developed and competently administered and that will be an end to it.

I do have respect for science. I am not an anti-vaccer. But I also know that it is true in fact that people have died in fact from being given vaccinations by people who are incompetent and inept. And I worry a lot about the potential for abuse when people seem to be working to sell out their people to the highest bidder rather than do what they can to protect them and acquire good things for them that will be genuinely helpful for them.

I do still wonder / worry how much this is part of the outcome of trade talks that have been going on over the last couple years.

I do hope that there is some plan or good will or good intent or something... Some competence... Somewhere... To help the world develop in good or positive directions. Actually. Not just in the name of while actually making things so very very very much worse.

I don't know what is going on with University negotiations or whatever it is in NZ right now. They are talking about how they don't have enough money. Of course the VC response to that is 'then everyone else must have pay cuts' and frightened academics who love their work in spite of everything voluteer their time... When they aren't cueing up for the food bank...

And the Government needs to step in and be like 'well, really, where does all the money go - then??' And of course it turns out that all these senior people are on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (for one of their three jobs).

And a problem is that they have been refusing to sign their graduate students (and likely undergraduate studnets of professional degree programs too) off in a timely fashion (without extorting additional fees) since, well, uh, since forever.

Relying on those second year undergraduates to run undergraduate tutorials and grade students work for close to minimum wage... For less than minimum wage when you look at how many hours of work they actually would be required to work to do the job (e.g., how many hours that batch of grading takes to grade properly -- were they to actually bother grading them properly, of course).




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