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Re: who wants to be a cleric?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 15:10:05

In reply to Re: who wants to be a cleric?, posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 14:45:01

coffee coffee coffee macdonalds coffee macdonalds

says the news.

paid product placement?

paid new.

it'll be back to katmandu warehouse briscoes before we know it.

i guess that's the exercise in public health...

how much people choose badly because they are in the midst / grips of habit / addiction...

vs how much people choose badly.

will voluntarily adopt the same behaviors after some distance / objectivity.

it's interesting the difference in attitude. whether life was better under level 4 or 3.

of course life is best-est of all when you curl up and die -- right?

when you don't produce any intellectual works at all.

when you only spit back what other people gave you.

produce nothing.

talk to nothing.

if i isolate myself they'll come harvest my organs in the night -- right?

what am i supposed to think when you do the work and examiner reports come back and they... refuse to give you your degree.

i mean.. in what possible land is that okay?


i just don't understand how it can happen.

i mean... it's a sh*tty f*ck*ng degree that isn't acknowledged anyplace...

and that's the idea, i guess.

that medical student selection in nz said you had to successfully complete a degree in the minimum normal or standard time from a nz university...

and what is supposed to happen is that you go 'i took 2x as long as i was supposed to because...' grovel grovel bl*w j*bs all round... bl*w j*b for you, bl*w j*b for you, metaphorical bl*w j*b for you... and maybe they process yoru applicatino.

because they think you will make a nice marriage partner for their kid.

only they think i'm too old. but you aren't allowed to say that. so they just say no. no. you took too long.

but i didn't take too long. i did my work. on time. examiners passed it. surprise. do work. get it signed off. it's not supposed to be that f*ck*ng hard.

process the application.

but they don't. they don't process any of the applicatins.

they just pick the ones they want.

they pick the ones who will feed them antimalerials. who will ventillate them when tehy aren't paying attention. who will sign those informed consents away...

and why wouldn't you -- if you thought you could get away with it?

i mean... that's the purpose or meaning of life.

are we having fun yet?




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