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skin cancer

Posted by alexandra_k on April 25, 2020, at 6:02:47

why does nz have such a high rate of skin cancer?

they always told us in primary school and intermediate school that it was because we have higher rates of ultraviolet exposure because we were closer to the hole in the ozone layer someplace around the south pole.

and it was terrible that people in north america didn't believe in the hole in the ozone layer and so on because we were dying of cancer because of it.

but then in bioanthropology at university they showed us a global ultraviolet index and levels of ultraviolet light exposure were highest in equatorial countries. there was this idea that darkened skin pigmentation (in certain races) are because their skin was protective against ultraviolet exposure...

so then why would maori and pacific islanders (darker skin pigmentation) have higher rates of skin cancer than lighter skinned people in new zealand? that doesn't make much sense...

then the lighter races were more distal from the equator. where there were lower levels of ultraviolet. where their skin was perhaps more readily able to process or whatever the more limited amounts of ultraviolet radiation that they were exposed to (the vitamin d pathways before dietary fortification)...

current uv radiation global maps do not say that uv levels in nz are high compared to equatorial countries.

but 10 or 15 minutes in peak summer sun will fry a light skinned person. i don't know that the sun will do that in equatorial countries in quite the same way. maybe it will. maybe it won't. i don't know.

i don't understand.

is it just that we don't do skin check-ups. then, things are really really bad before they are seen by a doc. then months if not years on wait list... but still... you would expect that situation to be worse in even more impoverished equatorial countries...

i would suspect it was something to do with nuclear radiation or fallout or something. from testing over the south pacific. is it? is it more about where the fallout is distributed for years and years via the wind currents than the source of the radiation?

is that what is going on??




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