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Re: bow

Posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2019, at 8:40:11

In reply to Re: bow, posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2019, at 8:22:30

i guess it is important, then, to know that i am a big fan of coming to understand the reason for the rule. not questioning for the sake of questioning or intentionally being difficult. though maybe there was a little of that when i was younger...

i do remember, at some point, asking 'why' a few too many times. i don't know what knocked it out of me but years later i read Wittgensetin saying that eventually you hit rock bottom and then your spade is turned and I went 'oh. that's why. nobody ever explained that to me, before'.

only i also read: sensible men know when to stop peeling their onions.

sometimes you break through the crust and there is only freefall or something like that.

circles. ambles. wasting the time. idling the life away.

i suspect they are just making it clear as clear as clear as clear as clear can be there is no dropping out.

i wonder if other kids have business sponsors. i wonder if that is how they go. so the church interest was what the pastor guy was about. and so on.


the Ombudsman thing has to be a joke. it just has to be...

I keep going up to the High Court now just to reassure myself that justice isn't entirely a joke in this country. there are non-stupid people here.

the advisor said to me at one point something about 'why they didn't just sign you off' and I thought she got it... So...

Apparently a group of Otago students were sanctioned for skipping out of hospital attendance in South America in order to go holidaying while collecting a stipend for their... Internship? Clerkship. I think that is what that means.

Apparently it has been going on for ages. Destinations in South America or Italy or someplace else I forget... Notorious for signing studnets off on their placements after taking a photo of them in scrubs for their facebook or similar.


They are withholding graduation from them. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Accountability: Good.

I just worry that these kids may have been picked out as scapegoat. Why the University did not take steps to PREVENT the situation from occurring. Whether some students were given advance warning that this was going to occur or whatever.

I worry the Universities will set all their students up into impossible situations in order to refuse to sign any of them off...

I worry about that a lot. I mean I've seen they seem only too willing to do that to me. I am sure there are others.

There was a tropical disease guy who seemed decent. Gave a sensible talk in teh centre for bioethics. I don't remember what he said. I remember my response to what he said. About who was expected to babysit the students we sent to developing nations expecting them to train our students. His talk was about edu-tourism. That's right, it was. He said go and help when you know some stuff and are helpful. Do not go and try and help when you dont know anything and aren't any help. It is about tourism, really.

So... It isn't like the University didn't know...

I worry a little that people might say they are holidaying (like how pepole might say they are playing social media) while actually skipping across the boarder to sit clinical skills examinations in Texus... That 'holidaying' might have been study time... That refusing to give students their qualifications might mean people are not in the position to take up offers of residency. But I don't know.

I don't know that the NZ accreditation people would be so very mean spirited as to try and discredit people who had offers of US residencies... I honestly and genuinely don't know...

I don't know...

I don't suppose I have any reason at all to expect them to behave at all ethically or morally or anything at all towards me or towards anyone at all. Ethical behavior... I really haven't very much seen...




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