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Posted by alexandra_k on July 23, 2020, at 0:13:31

So I emailed the current Minister of Education

(also the current Minister of Health and State Services Commission).

To request the dis-establishment of Research Degrees (at least) at the University of Waikato because they refuse to allow their students Academic Freedom to work to International Standards which means they cannot have status as a Univesrity.

To request the dis-establishment of Medical Program (at least) at Otago and Auckland since the Universities resfuse to supply applications to enrol (Otago), refuse to process eligible applications for selection (Otago and Auckland) and refuse to apply the selection algorithm (Auckland).

I mean it would be better if they would do the things they are supposed to do. But if they cannot / will not then they must be disestablished.

I said that Waikato is withholding qualifications until studnets have paid bribes in the form of re-enrolments -- when re-enrolments have not been required by international standards. That amounts to bribery in NZ law.

I reported this to the police and they refused to prosecute them for Bribery.

They say I am to try it as a civil case myself. Legal aid lawyers will not help me file the case.

They will not get queens council or lawyers to investigate teh allegations and prosecute.


so they send police around to check in with me because they are worried about my mental health that I might kill myself.

I make it very very very clear that I have no intention or plans to. That I'm going to the gym tonight. That I was not making threats to kill myself...

But what does one have to do to get accountability / prosecution in NZ?

A boy had to die (maybe suicide? an autopsy / forensic report was not done) before they looked into government accommodation.


I am saying this here so there is a record.

YOu know... If the government decides to vanish me to shut me up becuase that's how corrupt things are here.

I told the police (bribery). Refused to arrange for prosecution.

I told the Minister of Edcuation.

His office sends the police to my door to inquire about my mental health.

That was teh response from the MInister of Edcuation.



Maybe I get a sensible response to my email. Decommission them for the reasons I said. I have allegations. If they ask for studnets to come forwards they will.


How many people need to die?

I wonder..

How many studnets needs to commit suicide because they are bullied out of submitting their research / becaucse their research is not sent for examination etc etc etc... How many studnets need to die before someone forces the government to do something?

Perhaps the MInister is not paid well enough to do his 3 jobs.

Maybe thats teh problem??


Yeah, Right.




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