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Posted by alexandra_k on July 2, 2020, at 5:56:47

some of the poos stuff is interesting...

apparently the ratio of bacteroidies to.... i forget... some other one... is important.

as a marker of health.

(of course it is dynamic in 'you are what you eat' fashion)

fu.... something beginning with 'f'.

and it's tied to 'fast fermenters' vs 'slow fermenters' aka 'how much you poop...

and it turns out that pooping more frequntly (e.g., once per day) is 'better' health-wise than pooping less frequently (e.g., less than once per day.

that the frequency has to do with the bacteria.


i eat oats for breakfast. i don't soak them. i poop them out within 40 minutes. apparently if i soaked them they would be 'more digestable'. but i'm not starving. i don't need the nutrients. rather, i need to have them pass out my colon within about 40 miniutes.... to... i don't know... be firberous. prevent colon cancer. flush me out.

and they do it. yep. end story. good poop. every morning. within 40 minutes of eating. end story. that's it.

of course... it doesn't smell good. and it can be bloated... but it passed out easy and it's done. and that's the point -- yes??

i dunno...




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