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i know i know i know i know i know....

Posted by alexandra_k on July 2, 2020, at 2:01:15

In reply to Re: how much time?, posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2020, at 18:06:05

the 'arguments' about how anatomy 'should be' vs the realities of how it was 'when you get to look and see...'

but, uh, who gets to look and see?

not me, not me, not me not me not me.

and it applies, too, to the microscopic.

people 'try' and draw what they see.

and people 'try' and explain what they've seen.

and they are different ways people representing what makes sense...

but sometimes they are artists... and, well, anyway, people don't understand how 'interpretive' perception is, sometimes.

i'm kinda interested in movement.

i muchly despair i'm not much good at physics (maths prohibits... but also i need to do a 'stop, no compute' thing with their concepts, sometimes... it's a tricky tricky thing...)


i was kinda interested in how a flagella works. the singular one. flagella, flagellum, i forget. anyway...

e-coli has one (according to the text).

and probably it's a propeller -- right? it pushes it forwards. so it's stuck on it's *rs*, in other words. stuck on the back of it.

but in the drawings it has one stuck on the back of it... and another one stuck on the front of it.

so then, uh, how does it work?

is it like a worm (with layers of circular and longitudinal muscle that allow it to contract and expand it's way forwards like a catterpiller, most visually)...

sort of kipping it's way up the pull-up bar???

with a flagella (or flaggellum) on the front of it, and a flagella (or flagellum) on the back of it?

does that seem likely???

probably it has just the one.

on the back.

i woulda thunk.

in the pathology pictures you see masses of them and you can't tell which flagella (or flagellum) belongs with this one or that one or the next one.

they don't show just the one of e-coli on the slides, that i've seen....

so i don't know.

but the picture of the singular on the periphery of the mass would be authorative. clearly.




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