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the end of the olympics

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2020, at 13:29:39

i think we have transitioned into a period where elite sport doesn't really make sense, anymore.

i mean, we are entertained by the armies of athletes in professional or college sport...

but the Olympics.

one of the issues (perhaps the issue, really) is doping.

the line is a blurry one on what levels are considered 'normal range' and then people having prescriptions for their defiency (aka medical problem) to bring them to the highest end of the normal range. or... for just how long do they need to be maintained on the highest end (and not above) to be considered clean?

and then the analogues (or whatever you call them) capable of activiating the receptors while not, themselves, being illegal or whatever.

and with the advances in nutritional supplments... protein powders and gels and electrolyte drinks and so on...

and then you add the whole gender identity thing to the mix... with people who went through puberty as males (with associated hormonal changes including bone density and muscle growth)...

and you consider how Serena Williams apparently... I still can't quite get over this... Apparently she played a guy who was somewhere (just) in the top 200 and got destroyed. I don't know... Maybe it was just a bad day... But the idea seems to be that the women who are absolutely outstanding in their field as female athletes... Simply are not competitive at elite levels against guys.

In which case... People who went through puberty as guys... Who are only required to keep their t levels below 10 somethings per something (when apparently most women are between 2 and 4 or something something like that)... are going to mop up all the women's scholarships. college sports. and so on...

it's the death of sport.

i am all for human rights. as you know. diversity. as you know. but part of me thinks that Iowa maybe perhaps did the right thing in banning biological males from competing against / competing as females in college sports.

t nation... they were saying that the t levels are too high. in male to female transition athletes. they are allowed t levels in considerable excess of what most females normally or usually have.

so... a consequence is that females need to dope in order to be competitive / viable as elite female athletes...

or it's an end to women's sports.

something needs to be done.

but given problems with doping across the board...

i don't know.




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