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Re: cold war?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 23:03:46

In reply to cold war?, posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 22:42:26

It is like: Apparently there is this terrible terrible thing where the Univesrity of Maryland etc etc is taking Chinese Students who are funded by the Chinese Government, even, and they are going to America and learning skills and technolgies..

Maybe even getting start-up companies going...

Then returning to China and China is profiting from the situation.

Well... Uh...

Are the Americans sending studnets to China to learn from China? I thought that sending people to learn was, uh, the whole point of international community and Tertiary Education etc etc etc.

I mean...

From this country...

People go. People learn.

People come back??

To be bullied to death?

Yeah, right.

That's a huge part of the problem, here. People go overseas and learn. They come back to teh country. THey then aren't allowed to contribute anything at all that they have learned.

The country, instead, decides to deny that they even have the most basic of skills that they left with.

I mean... Not only denying that they learned anything in their time abroad. But denying that they learned anything at all before they left.

It's just f*ck*ng impossible to do anything in this country.




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