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cold war?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 22:42:26

It feels like things are brewing for war...

I am concerned that Confusius Institutes are being closed / boycotted on the grounds that it is a 'soft power' for China.

Are Roman Catholic Churches being closed / boycotted on the grounds that they are a 'soft power' for Italy?

Presberertian Churches on the grounds that it is a soft power (in Dunedin) for inter-generational poverty?

I don't think that the free world should be closing Churches in the name of 'freedom'.

I don't know what the Confusius Institute teaches. Likely they teach about all the atrocities and war crimes and war criminals that Trump knows about -- but doesn't do anything about. Just like how the free world teaches about all the atrocities and human rights abuses etc that the Chinese Government knows about...

I mean to say that it is important to give BOTH SIDES a fair hearing. That's the whole thing about allowing diversity. Allowing differences of opinion. Allowing free association so people can go to whatever church they want.

There was something about a Philosophy student in Queensland who is being prosecuted by the... Well it can't be the Univesrity... Something something about kicking him out for speaking out against the Confusious Institute.

But I think he was putting up Covid posters... In a form of protest. Apparently he was 'being metaphoric'.

But that's like yelling 'bomb' on a plane or in a movie theatre after the bombing of the twin towers. That is to say that freedom is not unlimited in the free world -- to protect others freedoms, too. Putting up Covid posters (scaring people away from the premises / site) is on a par with that. He should know better, as a philsopohy student seeking truth (rather than being controversial for the sake of it or for the publicity).

Apparently US, UK, Australia, Canada did sign something to say they stood with 'one country two systems' which means 'two systems' which means China's attempt to undermine the second system is inappropriate.

NZ is trying to follow along...

What rule of law means.

We don't quite have it, yet.

The people.
The legislature.
The judiciary.

Too many chiefs.




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