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Re: education

Posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:59:40

In reply to education, posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:44:21

and the universities think that i have made 'insufficient progress' if i don't progress in the way they want me to.

which is to say enrol in the degree of THEIR choosing and complete it quickly quickly quickly as possible.

they actually think that that's the idea. like, you know you sneeze or shoot some sperm and then it's a race to see who flies the furtherest the fastest and that's the winner!

so there's a hierarchy of subjects depending on which has the hardest / most stringent requirements from school. so arts is the least competititve etc. and you are REQUIRED to enrol in the 'hardest' subject you can. you are REQUIRED. do you understnd. the university REQUIRES it of you.

and they pick the studnets they want to do that. out of the studnets who were compelled to apply.

then you get through that... and the capstone course is where they decide of the cohort who will go where. who will to go honors and in what subject and the like.

and ditto for PhD. and who the supervisor will be.

of course.

and any deviation from that will not be processed / is not computed, really.

well... i mean the university will take your money, don't get me wrong. there are a bunch of things that have been introduced / developed / whatever for non-traditional studnets. and these are the kinds of classes and courses and programmes that the academics laugh about behind closed doors.

and that's the way of it.

that's what our tertiary edcuation system looks like.

medicine was never about those people having an edcuation. they were picked out to not have an education. they were picked out from school for a vocational training scheme or program that would have them be gps in their community. 'there there feel better there's nothing i can do'. in a system where pharmac purchases very little medication. where midwives take care of child births. where pathologists take care of autopsys insofar as they are done at all. where there are funeral directors. it's a social standing kind of a thing to do. nominally.

and then the development of that was graduate studnets who have done 3 years of university science. maybe they force them to do honors first. maybe they force them to do a phd. i don't think so. i don't think they were taking post-phd people. they take an average of 10 years or something to sign their stunets out the end of a phd program. they don' tsign the stuents odd.

they don't get their work to examiners.

they say the reports of examiners are copy right to the university and do not release the reports to the studnets.

they say whether the studnets have done enough for their degree is determined by teh students supervsiory panel. the externals play little to no role actually.

the supervisory panel...

has likely contracted out all their teaching to that phd student. cheapest teaching assistant ever. is likely got that studnet doing a bunch of laboratory owrk for htem. maybe even supervisoring or minding or writing work for other studnets. other phd studnets or masters studnets or honors students or summer research undergraduate students...

there is no way through in nz. not really.

i remember back when i was an undergrad first time around. people saying about dead wood. underproducing peple who ruled with an iron fist and ensured the people were held back indefeinately.

nothing has changed.

a few retired.

and a few new idiots were hired to take their place.

often people from overseas. a few locals.

but hired to join tehm. hired to keep up the tradition.

hired to ensure things only got worse and never better.

only hired to ensure that nz would develop backwards if at all possible. or if forwards only at the very very slowest of the very very slow must snails pace we could possibly manage with so many overpaid idiots dragging their f*ck*ng heels...




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