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Posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:44:21

In reply to NZ is a state of Australia, posted by alexandra_k on May 15, 2020, at 5:54:56

it really doesn't look good.

i mean... the university refused to enrol me in a timely fashion.

the univerity calendar regulations say applications for thesis enrolments are due 1 month prior to the intended start date.

i had an employee of the university say she was willing to supervise me. there was only i think 1 phd student in the entire department. it's not a resource intensive subject.

they refused to enrol me.

they started having tantrums that i was applying to study one degree (a 1 year masters) when they wanted me to study a different degree (a 3 year phd). they simply couldn't compute / process the fact that i did not apply to the degree program that they wanted for me.

then i submit a thesis for examination and they refuse to get it to examiners. i mean... they refuse to get it to examiners. the dean threatens to fail me for the degree if i insist that it should go out to examiners. she will not send it to examiners. she did not send it out for examination.

a couple weeks later... she conned me into thinking that if i kept working and submitted another version in a couple weeks then that would go out without any further delay. which was the best i could expect since she refused to send out the previous version.

so i got them that other version and they sent it out to be examined for the wrong degree. they confused the signals intentionally. the examiners were only paid to examine a masters thesis. the examiners were told they were examining a masters thesis. they were asked to fill out a template for a 'doctoral report', however, and asked to fill out a template for a 'master of philosophy recommendation'.

in this manner the university attempted to force the examiners to have to come up with enough substantive comments / changes to turn a 50,000 word 1 year masters thesis into a 100,000 word 3 years doctoral thesis. then... the only mphil 'recommendation' that coheres with that is the one that requires me to re-enrol for 6 months minimum and undergo another round of examination.

the university calendar regulations say that the outcome of examiantion of masters is teh REPORTS of the examiners. the calendar regulations say the progess of doctoral is the REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION of examiners. the recommendation form pertains to the fate of a phd.

the univesrity could not compute / comprehend / allow me to do a degree that was not of their choosing.

they think i'm a f*ck*ng idiot that i didn't apply for a full fee paying scholarship to do the degree that they want me to do. instead... well... i guess they'll try and force me to full fee pay it, then. i do understand that (as always in this studpid f*ck*ng country) it is not at all not even a little bit about the money. it is about every f*ck*ng thing else. it is about their fuckin idiocy and stupidity and f*ck*ng controllingness that they can not compute anything different from themselves.

the examiners did the best they could do in the circumstances. they need to come up with substantive changes, of course, becase there needs to be substantive difference between a masters and a doctoral thesis. they don't have any option in that given the template they were sent by teh univesrity. i mean... i guess they could have requested the university send them the proper template...


this is why the NZ univesrities won't have any externals willing to examine our studnets work, at this rate...

then when it comes to the recommendation form... one of them didn't fill it out. why should they? the calendar regulations say teh outcome of the masters (what they were paid to examine) depends on reports. not recommendation. reports. they are examinign a masters thesis. they weren't paid to fill out the report form. teh other one...

well the options are...

that is is accepted without changes. but clearly the masters thesis that i submitted cannot be accepted without changes as a doctoral thesis. because it is 50,000 words too short.

and again for minor changes. and again for substantive changes to be completed within 10 weeks... a 3 year doctoral thesis cannot be magicked out of a 1 year masters thesis with an additional 10 weeks of work...

so the examiner had little choice to say that for my masters thesis to be accepted as a doctoral thessi i would have to re-enrol for 6 months.

the university calendar says, under doctoral enrolment, that a candidate who is enrolled in a masters thesis may re-enrol in a doctoral thesis if the dean believes they can or similar. so the examiner thought they were recommending i re-enrol i teh doctoral program.

teh dean thinks this means she can FORCE me to re-enrol.

it's all just very...


and wrong.

and entirely undermining of our university system.

they should not be allowed to enrol international students. they don't process the students work.

they don't sign the studnets off.

they don't do any of the things that they are supposed to do.

f*ck*ng useless f*ck*ng idiots.

close them down.




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