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Re: imagine i found a drug... alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 19:21:15

In reply to Re: well call me autistic..., posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 18:10:48

in the lab. discovered that some substance had some affect on some pathway.

discovered that that was a pathway involved in this or that particular disease...

wanted to make enough of the drug to get it to where it would be effective...

but the side-effects and harms that could result from people who don't need it, who won't benefit from it, taking it instead...

how do you limit the supply?

you can try and increase education. tell people the mechanism. explain that only problems with that mechanism will benefit or profit from that drug.

but people are wishful thinkers and reality testing is loose.

you could make a test. and they need a positive test result (or 2/3 or whatever) to get access to the drug.

but then the laboratories start finding what they are supposed to find...

what i would do, if i was a drug company or whatever...

is i would leave something out of the method that i stated needed to be followed in order to get a good result. so if people followed the protocol as directed -- they wouldn't get good result.

to see...

who contacts me. 'we have tried and tried and tried and we cannot get your damned product to work can you help / what's the story?'

at which point i would suspect i might not be dealing with a psychopath, after all.

and they might be ready for genuine product.




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