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Re: well call me autistic...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 18:06:52

In reply to well call me autistic..., posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 17:46:08

I think it is about the UV light / radiation machines.

So... Sunlight kills bacteria and viruses.

And Sunlight is composed or comprised or can be viewed as being composed or comprised of different waves... At different wavelengths / energy levels, or something.

So there is UVA and UVB. And I forget... One of those doesn't go through glass. So there were issues about whether people in extended stays in hospital or old folks homes might not be getting the UVB (I think it was but don't quote me) for things like skin and bone wound healing. Vitamin D sort of related stuffs...

And then there is UVC. And that one is higher energy.

But the higher energy forms of radiation can cause radiation damage to the DNA in your cells. Can induce mutations to the DNA which could result in hastened aging or even cancers.

It is UVC that Duke was looking at for steralising face masks. Because it is a higher energy thing and I suppose because there is a machine for that. I mean.. HOspitals have autoclaves. So it makes sense to start out seeing whether there is some cycle on the autoclave that might do the job. But if there isn't, then maybe we can make a fancy new machine for the purpose and... SEll it. Sure, why not.

I have been seeing that they are taking forehead temperatures with an electronic devise. My thermometer states that there is core temperature (which is what you really want to know) but that's internal. And since you can't get your themrmometer in there, exactly, you can take rectal, oral, or axillary. But that the difference from core temperature will be greater as you move more peripherally. Makes sense. And you can try and estimate (e.g., add .5 of a degree for oral) or.. I suppose ideally you use the same method every time you check and you check frequently so you know what is normal for that person with that method and you can detect difference. Or maybe you get a similar ish sort of a thing in using the same device across a number of people...

Anyway... Point is... Forehead would not be a very accurate measure of core temperature because of all the wind chill it gets flapping in the breeze. They said there were problems with oral - you have to keep your gob shut for awhile. And auxillary -- no flapping your arms about to cool them down. So I guess the forehead detectors (if they are useful at all) are detecting severe cases of fever only. The surface body scanners, generally... Or... Is it like when you do a scan and the densest part of the bone absorbs the most rays? The temperature scanners don't work like that -- do they? They are measuring what is radiated off teh surface only -- aren't they?


From these forehead scanning super easy super convenient temerature taking or checking machines...

To machines that promise to steralise or disinfect your hands with UV light. You place your hands on a surface and then a light flashes like you placed your hands on a photocopier and then wizz bang they are steralised. Or steralising the body with a machine that looks like a metal detector that they just sort of wave about mystically in front of you.

These machines are hoaxes -- right?

I was suprised... A video I was watching of the hygine measures in Hong Kong to help prevent the spread. One of the measures was supposed to be a UV hand sanitising machine. ANd I wondered.. The mechanims.

Duke confirmed that UVC light can be used to disinfect items (e.g., they were trying it on face masks) but you couldn't use UVC light to radiate a person without harming or damaging htem with the UVC rays. That's how the UVC kills the virus. It damages the nuclear material.

Maybe they were thinking that Trump would tell General Motors to start making UV light machines to steralise / disinfect people. Maybe that was the idea.. Where they were feeling out.. Seeing if they could go there.

I saw the Cernobyl weightlifing video had a 'steralising' hand machine outside the cafeteria in part of one of the videos. I wondered if he was taking the piss. Wasn't anybody worried about their exposure to nuclear radiation taking a look around a nuclear explosion / meltdown / whatever it was site??




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